What would you do tomorrow if you knew how to handle your money today?

  • The first step is to figure out exactly where everything is. Let’s get to work and dig deep.

  • Here's to looking at the facts and making realistic commitments for yourself.

  • There’s so much more to financial planning than just the numbers.

  • It’s time to get to work and let the rubber meet the road.

I'm Pamela Capalad, and I'll be across the table from you.

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Yes, I'll be your financial planner, but here's what I'm really here for:

I'm here to help you get to that place in your life. You know that place. That place where you close your eyes and feel perfectly at peace and energized all at the same time. That place where you know you’re at your best, that you were somehow built for this, this thing you’re doing that you can’t believe you get to spend your life doing.

Life isn’t about cringing every time you run your credit card through a cash register or dodging calls from bill collectors. It’s not about the next paycheck, next rent check, next job, next in line.  Life is about finding your why.

So here’s the deal – you have the why, I have the how. Whenever you're ready, I'll be here to help you figure out how to get there.


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