What happens when a financial planner hires a financial planner?

What happens when a financial planner hires a financial planner?

It all started when I read an article by Michael Kitces, an advisor of advisors of sorts. It was titled “Are we being hypocrites about the value of financial planning?” and after I read it, I couldn’t get it out of my head.

Basically, it said that if I, as a financial planner, truly believe in the financial planning process as a practice and a profession, then I should have my own financial planner. After all, doctors have their own doctors, lawyers don’t do their own business attorneys, and therapists certainly see other therapists.

What really struck me was the reason financial planners said they didn’t have their own planner, and it was the same reason I had. Why would I pay for something I could do myself?

Then, in a survey done completely independently, they found that the main reason potential clients don’t have a financial planner was, why would they pay for something they could do themselves?

hiringThat’s when I realized that I had to hire a financial planner. And tell you all about it on the radio show. We aired the first one last week and will continue to have shows that document the entire financial planning process, from a financial planner’s perspective. ::so meta::

Truthfully, I’m pretty nervous. Just the act of telling people that I, as a financial planner, am hiring a financial planner puts me a little on the defensive, even if it’s all in my head.

Let me explain, I tell them, and launch into what is now a nearly memorized speech (very similar to the above). My first thought when I see their slightly confused faces is that I don’t want my own financial planning skills to be questioned.

The reality is though, it doesn’t really matter. I can already tell, just by going through the interview process, that I’m going to learn a lot, not just as a client, but as a practitioner of the financial planning profession. And that means I’ll be able to serve my clients with a whole new perspective and skill level.

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