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Brunch & Budget is a huge asset in our lives. Working with Pam gave us tools to manage our student and credit card debt properly.  Her calm and engaging demeanor took the terror out of actually looking at our bank statements.  Pam's realistic approach to budgeting helped us to minimize expenses, without feeling like we were sacrificing anything.

- Thea J. & Noah M.

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During my meetings with Pam I learned that I met a financial magician. She takes your personal finances, puts them into perspectives that are aligned with where you are at in life and she explores several options and resources to support you feeling as financially well as you possibly can feel.

During my first brunch and budget, I was at a time in my life in which I transitioned from the full time teaching career into the abyss of art life and the precarious financial future of being a free-lancer in New York.

I saved a bunch of money and was going through personal tribulations that kind of set me back. I didn't know I would be in such a funky financial place. I didn't know how I was going to do my taxes and I also didn't know that after teaching for years I had a bunch of money saved in some random bank somewhere.

I was financially lost. I didn't know where to begin or how to make a strategic plan.

Before meeting Pam, she sent me a short survey, so that she could gather some information about where I was at financially. This kept me at ease, since I had no idea where to start.

We met at one of my favorite spots in the East Village, we dined and discussed simultaneously. We started of with goals and then once we made a financial plan based on the information I gave her, she asked me about my savings from teaching. I was like what savings? And we did some digging and sure enough, I had money tucked away and I didn't even know about it. I probably wouldn't have figured this out on my own. She-- on the spot, made me download all the forms, make the calls to the people I needed to contact to transfer the money. She pushed me to see this as a valid situation to act on immediately. I totally didn't even know about this money until she helped me situate my finances. At the end of the meeting she showed me several resources to help plan my financial future and we left with a wrap up of the meeting, talking goals, next steps and ensuring we met sooner rather than later, based on my needs.

Before the Brunch and Budget meeting, I was really financially lost, but now, having her on my side I feel way more at ease with how I manage my finances, as many young people feel, especially artists.

I would highy recommend scheduling one. She is a financial magician and has way more financial literacy and power than I could ever wrap my head around, plus, brunch is super good and it's a fair trade. Most financial consultants costs more than $150 an hour.

So, what the heck are you waiting for? Clean up your financial mess in the funnest, chillest and tastiest way-- with Pam and the Brunch and Budget model.

- Renee Rises

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When I sat down to my first brunch and budget I was using a Netspend prepaid debit card because I had too many overdraft fees to get a bank account. I hadn't looked at my student loans in over five years and wasn't even sure who my lenders were anymore. I didn't have enough credit to get a credit card or a cell phone contract much less an apartment or a car. I was terrified of looking at my credit report and facing the truth.

Pam sat me down and assured me that we would face my financial future together and take it one step at a time. I discovered many harsh realities about my finances. I owed money to several institutions and had a horrifying credit score. But I also realized it was totally fixable and not at all hopeless.

Today I am a thriving freelance artist, have a credit card, two bank accounts, an apartment I love, and travel far and frequently. I have never missed a student loan payment, credit card payment nor gone into overdraft.

I knew money was supposed to be an asset, a resource and a tool for achieving more, and I always dreamed that I would be in control of my finances someday. But I had no roadmap for how to get there and the thought of it was overwhelming and confusing. Enlisting Pam's guidance was one of the most empowering things I have done for myself as an artist and self-employed woman.

Pam armed me and educated me about the resources I needed to get on track. A budget, a timeline, and most importantly, financial goals. Owning a business. Owning a home. Having a sense of freedom and security. I've never come to Pam with a financial question she didn't have an answer to and I very much look forward to having her as my advisor for years to come.- Naomi R.

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Pam is a lifesaver, coach, mentor, therapist, and finance rock star all bundled up into one incredibly heartfelt person. I have been working with Pam now for three years and have gone through many transitions in my life; from graduating college, to moving in with a boyfriend, and moving off my parents’ financial support.

Each new transition has caused financial stress, confusion, and feelings of being overwhelmed, but Pam helps re-evaluate what my financial goals should be and how I can achieve them in a very clear way that feels attainable.

Pam takes the time to understand what is important to you and tailors specific plans based on your goals—always leaving room for tweaking along the way. Her solutions are creative and make a ton of sense. I have always felt completely comfortable discussing highly personal and sometimes embarrassing topics with her as she creates a judgment free zone.

You need Pam in your life—she is a great cheerleader and supporter and genuinely wants her clients to be successful. As I grow in my life, I know Pam will be right there to help me plan for my financial goals every step of the way.

- Juliana T.

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Such an amazing program!!! It seriously has changed so much for me. I have always been scared to look at my finances. We sat down. Went through everything and I faced some big fears only to be surprised that I'm not in the bad place I thought I was! Now I can look forward to my $$$$ future with no fear. THANK YOU PAM!!!!

- Jocelyn S.

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I have always steered clear of the “Budget” talk. I’ve always thought that spending too much time thinking about my finances would be a drag and ultimately depressing. I figured that Id rather spend my time living my life free of the anxiety that “money talk” often produces. Through my Brunch & Budget sessions I’ve come to learn that talking about your finances and understanding exactly where you stand from the perspective of your bank account is actually more liberating than keeping yourself in the dark. Brunch & Budget has been one of the most valuable and life-change experiences. I am very grateful for Pam’s incredible knowledge and understanding, patience and professionalism. She is truly an expert in her field!

-Meena Ziabari

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I am in awe of the kindness, the information,  the wealth of knowledge that I have been able to experience thru Pam and Brunch & Budget. Truly feel like a weight is being lifted from within.... HOPE EXISTS more with each session. Abundantly thankful for this experience and opportunity to meet Pam, Dyalekt, and Vinyl. Lol . via Skype. Moving forward with confidence.  Thank you Bondfire Radio for all that you empower through your innovative programming. <3

- Kim E.