Part Time Operations Assistant

About Brunch & Budget and the role:

Brunch & Budget is growing fast and we are looking to hire a part time Operations Assistant.  We need someone who loves all the things about operations, processes and technology. You are unafraid to think big and, at the same time willing to roll up your sleeves and do the hard work.

We are a small company and there is a lot of behind the scenes work that makes our company function and stand out from others.  We want you to be involved and invested in the operations and processes that we use to serve our clients and give them a truly magical experience.

Here’s what we need from you:

  • We are not micromanagers and need someone who is a self-starter. This job requires the ability to manage yourself and your own schedule.
  • Comfortability and experience around different technology and a vision for how it can support our client relationships. This is vital for the client experience. 
  • Prior experience with creating processes and procedures to streamline all different types of workflows including internal and client facing.
  • You will need to be able to communicate remotely via messaging, video calls, and emails throughout the day. 
  • We are a virtual firm so transparent, internal communication is vital. 
  • None of us know all the answers, but we’ve learned that by talking things through as a team and working it out together, we can come up with some pretty amazing solutions. 

Here’s what you’ll be doing:

  • Managing the client on-boarding and off-boarding process for all of our Budge, Nudge and See Change clients.
  • Updating and monitoring any changes needed to our payment system including contacting clients of unsuccessful payments and helping them with any payment issues they are having.
  • Sending out client agreements and ensuring all contracts are signed correctly and saved.
  • Create documentation of all our internal and external processes and procedures. Includes managing this document, keeping it up to date and making changes as processes get updated.
  • Monitoring CE credits and license renewals for our team.
  • Tracking our client appointments and making sure all of our clients are meeting with their Planner monthly.
  • Assist clients with system connection issues, creating tickets for these issues and monitoring the tix and communicating with our clients and tech help desk.
  • Ensuring all client data in our CRM is correctly captured and noted as needed for us to remain compliant.
  • Working on different operations projects as needed.
  • Continuously audit our technology and procedures and brainstorm new ideas and platforms to help the client experience be as smooth as possible.
  • Work with Director of Operations on some compliance items such as monthly compliance checklists, assisting with annual state filings, making sure state renewals and payment deadlines are met.
  • Updating the Brunch & Budget website (wordpress).

Our business model and services:

Our goal is to make financial planning as accessible as possible for as many people as possible. All our services can be found at To learn more about the inner workings of our business model and processes, you can listen to a recent Michael Kitces interview: 

FAQ’s answered:

  • This is a part time position.  We are looking for someone who can dedicate 20 hours a week to Brunch & Budget.
  • We have always been a virtual company, so we have an established culture around working remotely.  Working remotely can mean more flexibility, but also more responsibility, communication, and self management. 
  • Compensation - the pay for this position is $20 an hour and we need someone who can dedicate 20 hours a week to this position.  The role has potential to evolve to a full time position in the future.
  • This will be a W-2 employee position unless the candidate prefers to be paid as an independent contractor.
  • Start date for this position would be on or around July 19th.

To apply:

Please submit a short video (3 mins or less) + a link to your LinkedIn profile to Nicole[AT]brunchandbudget[DOT]com. We’ll reach out to you if we’d like to speak with you!