We thought we were just going to talk about her new sci-fi novel.

We thought we were just going to talk about her new sci-fi novel.


Cerece Murphy left her 15-year career in community and international development to pursue a powerful story that came to her while washing dishes one fateful night three years ago.

We had Cerece Murphy on the show a few weeks ago and it turned from an interview about self-publishing a novel to a candid talk with a woman who felt so strongly about the story she had to share about these characters in her books that she gave up the security of her full time job (that she was damn good at) to tell their story. And she gets up every day to tell their story, after the second, third, and 300th step, and keeps pushing forward, past the fear – no, through the fear – through that pit in your stomach you feel at some point every day when you’re choosing to do what you love even though most days it feels like the hardest thing you’ve ever done.

I don’t even how how to properly convey how much you need to listen to this show. If you’ve ever wondered if you should keep going, wondered if anyone is paying attention or cares about your art or your craft, or wondered how to not give up despite the nagging fear of never being good enough, this show is for you.

We go into the nitty gritty of what it costs to self publish your own book, why sometimes it’s worth it to spend more on things like copy editing, formatting, and marketing, how much lead time you should give yourself to promote new work, and how to pick yourself back up when it seems like no one is watching. Cerece shares amazing stories and moments on her journey of writing and releasing the Order of the Seers trilogy and what she’s learned from every new book.

If you’re an artist, musician, freelancer, or anyone who is putting yourself out there and hoping the world turns around and listens, this is a truly inspiring show to catch.

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