UNANNOUNCEMENT: b&b is no longer opening an LA office

tropical palm trees GIF by Stefanie ShankLA LAUNCH UPDATE:

Brunch & Budget is no longer launching an office in LA. Kathleen Boyd has decided that given her heavy commitments to her academic pursuits, she will not be able to also open an office on the West Coast and has resigned. We understand and support her need to dedicate more time to her other obligations in academia and wish her the best. You might want to read up on what you should do in case you’re in trouble in another state view more to understand what needs to be done.

Committing to launching and leading a new location requires entrepreneurial hustle and laser focus, which is something we’ve been doing in NYC since 2015. When we originally posted this position, we did not have plans to expand Brunch & Budget to another location and will be taking a step back from opening an LA office.

For those of you who were interested in meeting in LA, we are available to meet for virtual brunches if you’re not in NYC!  You can book a virtual brunch at brunchandbudget.com/first.



We will be refocusing our efforts to look for a team member who is able to dedicate their full time and attention to the work at hand. We will be examining our needs differently and creatively approaching the expansion of the B&B team.

We have also come to realize that the CFP® coursework is not adequate education, training, or preparation to work with the populations and demographics that we have dedicated our practice to, specifically non-high net worth clients, freelancers, creatives, and communities of Color.

This work requires you to be more than a financial planner. It requires you to give more of yourself than just your knowledge and hours in the day. It requires you to have infinite curiosity about how everything fits together, not just with someone’s financial plan, but also the social, racial, and economic systems that affect us all.

We know what we are doing has not been done before. Working to help people make real financial change does not fit into a box or the typical 9-5. There are a lot of people in real financial pain in this country and this industry has time and again ignored or taken advantage of you. There has to be another way and we have made it our mission to figure out what that path looks like for each person at the table.

In that vein, we are open to meeting people who are passionate about this work but perhaps have not taken the traditional path to get here. Just know this – the hours are long, the expectations are high, the learning curve is steep, and this is not for everyone (read the original job description here for context). It’s also some of the most rewarding and fulfilling work I’ve ever done in my life.

We have the time to train and educate the right person and if you think that’s you, make us a pitch and let’s find some time to talk. You can reach out to me directly at pam@brunchandbudget.com.

We thank you for being on this journey with us. Let’s keep having real, open, and vulnerable conversations that bring financial clarity so we can see change in our lifetimes.

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