Top Ten Podcast Episodes of ALL TIME

Top Ten Podcast Episodes of ALL TIME

It’s been another great year for the Brunch & Budget Podcast! This year, we reached across the pond for an interview with Social Commentator Rants N Bants #DDJA. Back at home, we continued our relationship with Prosperity Now, and the Racial Wealth Divide Initiative, airing interviews with their American Financial Capabilities Initiative as our 200th and 201st episodes! As always, we produced episodes providing financial education, advice, and context for how big economic issues affect everyday people.

New this year, we stared re-sharing old episodes you might’ve missed that remain valuable: the Oldie-but-Goodie series. So, instead of providing a Top Ten of 2018 list, we’ve compiled a list of the Top Ten Episodes of All Time!

Take a listen or listen again and get ready for a fun and exciting 2019!

coins & pens over papers

#10 | b&b97: It’s financial literacy month! So… how do you know if you’re financially literate?

I feel like people toss around the phrase financial literacy and everyone nods along and says, “Oh yeah, I need that.”

But what exactly is THAT? How do you know whether or not you’re financially literate in the first place? Do you take a quiz? And if so, which quiz do you take? Is the goal to even be financially literate?

In this show, we talk about what financial literacy looks like and also unpack a new phrase that’s cropping up in the financial education sphere: financial capability. It’s not just what you know, it’s how you use it, right? So, to that end, what does financial capability look like? Take a listen and drop us a line in the comments.

$1 bills in bundles

#9 | b&b94: How to make tax season easier for you NEXT year

We are right in the middle of tax season and many of us find ourselves in the same place we do every year – scrambling on April 14th, trying to get all our numbers to our accountant who can’t make any promises that it will go through in time.

What about if next year was different? There’s nothing we can do about last year’s taxes, so in this week’s show, we talk about what we can do to help make next year’s tax season a breeze. It’s all about preparation and maintenance and it’s not as time consuming or hard as you think. Tune in for tips on how to make tax season go smoothly for you next year!

#8 | b&b117: What to do when your passion starts to feel like your job

You’ve managed to make your dream come true. You’ve done something that few people can say they’ve done – you’ve figured out how to to make money from your passion.

How can any day feel like a work day when you wake up getting to do what you love?

And yet, you may find yourself waking up one day and realizing that your passion is suddenly starting to feel like a job. What do you do now? This is the dream right?

In this show, we talk about what it means to do something you love and the very important difference between passion and purpose.

highlighting in front of computer

#7 |  b&b106: Seize the day or look before you leap? Why we hate to plan

This show was inspired by a Cracked podcast Dyalekt and I were listening to during our many hours of driving on Famous Sayings (that aren’t true). So many of those sayings were either about taking risks or being really careful, being spontaneous or planning everything.

And when we were real with ourselves, we realized that we preferred to seize the day too. So why is it that we hate to plan, or more importantly, that we don’t end up following through with them even if we do plan?

We have some ponderings and solutions for you this week on how to both seize the day and look before you leap!

man running

#6 | b&b121: What to do if you lose your job

It’s the last thing you want to think about happening, but also can happen at any time.

This week, we talk about what do when you lose your job, from severance, unemployment insurance, and health insurance, to how to deal with the emotional rollercoaster, to how to handle the dreaded interview question, “so why did you leave your last job?”

We also touch on how much you should have saved in case of job loss, how to build temporary income streams, and how to transition into freelancing instead of finding another job.

Investing for Dummy-lekt

#5 | b&b101:Investing for Dummylekt Part 1

For the last several months, we’ve been using Dyalekt as a guinea pig for different investment platforms to see how they feel when you use them in real life. We explore Dyalekt’s trepidation with the stock market in general, how to make it feel less like gambling, and have some practical ideas for how to get started if you’re nervous about investing or have your own moral dilemmas about it.

The apps we explore include Motif Investing,, Acorns, and Goldbean.

We have so much to unpack that we are going to make this a two-parter, so catch up this week and tune in next week!

prison ball reads "student loans"

#4 | 164: Heather Jarvis JD in Sallie Mae strikes back!

Heather Jarvis strikes back!
(check the other episode where she focuses on private loans here)

Heather Jarvis is back to discuss a topic that never goes out of style: student loans. Most people have them. It seems that college tuition is only rising, which leads us to wonder where all that money goes? Who do “merit-based scholarships” really benefit? What is currently on the chopping block with Congress? And, obviously, what can we do?

Heather talks us through it all and more. But if there is something that still doesn’t sound clear to you or you have more questions check Heather’s site:

Ana the Amasser

#3 | b&b129: How your personality affects your wallet Part 1

Before you can even get your money stuff together, you need to understand your relationship with money first, and to do that, you’ll need to know what your money personality is and how your personality affects every aspect of your finances.

We’ve spent the last two years honing and refining the money personalities we discussed all the way back in Episode 1. The 4 money personalities:
– Worrier
– Avoider
– Amasser
– Money Monk

And how each personality deals with income, budgeting, credit, debt, saving, etc. and what strategies you can use that speak directly to your relationship with money.

wallet in pocket

#2 | b&b112: Which order should you pay down your debt?

Everyone has their opinion and formula for what order to pay down debt. Google it and you’ll get a different answer every time.

The problem is, no one approaches debt paydown from both the logical and psychological standpoint. This leads to people paying down debt only to run it back up.

In today’s show, we talk about the order you should pay down your debt based on working with 100’s of clients and seeing what really works. It’s not about picking the highest interest rate or paying things down as fast as a spreadsheet tells us, it’s about how to build momentum from quick wins and find the motivation to keep it up.

By creating a debt paydown system based on the human side of finance, you’ll start to see results faster than you thought possible.

yellow-doored house
#1 | 126: Why homeownership as a Person of Color is more than an investment, it’s how to build a legacy

In Part 3 of our coverage at CFED’s Assets Learning Conference 2016, we explore one of the quickest ways to close the racial wealth gap – increased homeownership for People of Color.

Funny story, we almost did a show on race and homeownership right before we found out about the Assets Learning Conference and as soon as we saw the titles of their sessions (one literally called “Race & Homeownership”), we knew that 1. we had found our people, and 2. we had so much more to learn.

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