The very important difference between passion and purpose

The very important difference between passion and purpose

We wrapped up our incredible October Entrepreneur Month with a recap show this last Sunday that included a bonus interview with Neelam Brar, CEO and founder of District Cowork.

One of the biggest takeaways we had from speaking to all these entrepreneurs is that it’s not just about doing what you love or following your passion. It’s about finding a purpose, having a mission, and serving a need.

This has been something I’ve been slowly figuring out how to articulate myself. Let’s be clear. I love what I do. I am extremely passionate about financial literacy and financial planning. But I don’t do financial planning because it makes me happy. I do financial planning because I feel compelled to answer a need.

I think the biggest difference between passion and purpose is that we fantasize about doing our passion (wouldn’t be great if I could just make money taking instagram pictures of my food every day??), but we fight for our purpose, especially when it’s the most difficult to push through.

There have been days where I levo2wish I picked something different, days where I wonder if I could just do something easier. Even now, I still question whether I made the right decision to quit the great job I had.

Last night, a woman came up to me at the Levo League workshop. She told me she came to my workshop last week, listened to this show about how to get a raise as a woman, and asked for a raise from her boss the next day. She got the raise!!! She said it had never crossed her mind before to ask for a raise and she didn’t want to keep being a statistic.

It’s moments like this when I’m reminded that this is all worth fighting for.

Please feel free to pass this along to a friend who is in search of their purpose. I hope this helps get them a small step closer to finding it.

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