The Power of Having Options | Brunch on a Wednesday

The Power of Having Options | Brunch on a Wednesday

photo courtesy Edgaras Maselskis

This last Sunday, we had Jarnail Singh of Biz2Credit join us on the show to talk about the nuts and bolts of taking out a small business loan. He also talked about a ton of FREE resources that small business owners in NYC have, including free legal counseling, help financing your business, and small business planning.

There was a time when starting your own business or freelancing made you the exception, when banks wouldn’t even look in your direction to give you a loan if you weren’t already making gobs of money. Today, more than one in three of us in the US work for ourselves and they’re estimating by 2020, 40% of us will be working for ourselves.

With technology, it’s getting easier to be your own boss and companies like Biz2Credit and Fundera, which are essentially small business loan marketplaces, are bringing together alternative lending institutions that understand the needs of a new business.

In other words, the freelancer and small business owner finally have options. Through the Affordable Care Act, we can have our insurance subsidized when we’re just starting out. Through the Freelancers Union, we have access to the same group disability and life insurance rates AND retirement plan that employees for large companies have.

So what’s stopping the rest of us from taking the leap? I’ve been doing a ton of research on this and drawing from my own experience to figure out what a future freelancer’s biggest fears are and I’m putting together a program called Six Months to Freedom that will help you push through the fear.

Fear is the product of feeling like the only option you have is the one you’re in. It’s the product of uncertainty, of the unknown, of feeling like you’re not good enough. It takes clarity of purpose, direction, and action to come out of the other side and realize what you’re really worth and how many people want to help you get to your next level.

I’d love to hear from you if you’ve been thinking about taking the leap and what is stopping you. Also, I’m only taking a small group for the first round of the program so reach out to me if you want early dibs.

Here’s to being scared shitless and doing it anyway.

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