Spicy Cinnamon Curry – $1.98 per serving

Spicy Cinnamon Curry – $1.98 per serving

Can I just say that sweet potatoes make everything better? Seriously. This was definitely a dish I made up based on what was left in my house before the next grocery store trip. I almost didn’t make another curry because I didn’t have any cauliflower to make “rice” with.

Then I saw the four sweet potatoes I bought and had been too lazy to use when I had easier veggies to cook with. I grabbed two of them, the remaining carrots in the house, and some thawed chicken breast and diced everything.

I also had jalapenos left over from the chili all those weeks ago and chopped one of those up as well. I threw a bunch of stuff in a pot and somehow it ended up like this (okay, I threw everything in a pot in a certain order, but still):


I have to say, this turned out amazing! The sweet potatoes melted into the curry and made it more like a stewy thing than a soupy thing so I didn’t even need a substitute-for-starch.

And it was so inexpensive to make! Here’s the cost breakdown:

spicy cinnamon curry

What to buy:

  • chicken breast – like 4 of them
  • garlic – yes I used the whole head of garlic
  • sweet potatoes – 2 big ones will do
  • carrots – 3-4 big ones
  • jalapeno – just one, unless you’re feeling adventurous
  • coconut milk – one can
  • coconut oil

What to cut:

  • sweet potato – chunks
  • carrots – similar sized chunks to sweet potatoes
  • chicken breast – chunks
  • jalapeno – mince


  • Curry powder – a shitload (I used 4 tablespoons)
  • Paprika – lots
  • Garlic powder – lots
  • Cumin – a few good dashes
  • Cinnamon – a few good dashes
  • Cayenne pepper – quick dash

What to cook with:

  • a big old pot

How to make it:

  1. Cut all the veggies and chicken and put aside.
  2. Make the curry sauce! Everything on low heat! First melt the coconut oil. A healthy amount. Then sauté the onions. Then put in the curry powder and don’t freak out that you’re mixing dry powder into the bottom of the pot. Just make sure it doesn’t burn. Pour in the coconut milk and watch as the curry dry pasty thing looks and smells like curry sauce.
  3. Add the other spices as you like.
  4. Add in the sweet potatoes and carrots and jalapeno and chill on it for 15 minutes-ish.
  5. Add the chicken and let it simmer for a while, stirring every 5 minutes so the curry doesn’t burn at the bottom.
  6. You’ll know it’s done when the sweet potato and curry sauce have become one.

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