**SPECIAL RADIO OFFER!*** Get a free credit report and credit score!

**SPECIAL RADIO OFFER!*** Get a free credit report and credit score!


Email the Business Center for New American’s Aaron Lackman atalackman@nybcna.org and mention Brunch & Budget on Bondfire Radio. He will pull your credit report and credit score for free and review the report with you! This is HUGE! Here’s why.

Yes, you can go on creditkarma.com or creditsesame.com to get your credit score for free. But they use their *best guess* based on their own formulas as to what you credit score it. Don’t get me wrong, they are both great resources when you want to know whether your score is trending up or down and why it’s moving one way or the other. Often these free credit scores are 20-50 points higher than what a bank or a credit card company would pull.

What BCNA’s Aaron Lackman is offering is to pull the credit score any bank or financial institution would pull when deciding whether or not to let you borrow money. For free. Without hurting your current credit score. And he will review the details with you. For free.

The Business Center for New Americans issues small business loans. They are lenders. So they know what lenders are looking for. The BCNA is doing amazing work and we are so grateful they were able to join us in the studio. Catch the show here if you missed it this week!

Join me for Brunch on a Wednesday: the b&b biweekly and get this stuff straight to your inbox!

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