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What happens when you combine a financial planner and an MC/Hip Hop educator?

Invite us to speak at your organization and find out.

Let's face it, thinking about money is stressful, talking about it is even more stressful.

It's the number one cause of divorce, parents would rather talk to their kids about sex & drugs than money (whaaaatt??) and it's the last taboo. It's easy to feel like a financial failure when you don't know what financial success looks like and don't know who you can ask.

How about we change all that?

If we change how we talk about it, we can change how we feel about it. There is so much shame and fear around money and it can feel like such a lonely journey.  

The more we talk about it with each other and remove the emotional baggage we've all attached to it, the more we can focus on how to actually get to where we want to go.


Our workshops are designed to:

Help You Understand Your Relationship With Money
Start Thinking of Money as a Tool For How to Reach your Goals
Get Comfortable Speaking and Thinking About Money in New Ways
Develop Strategies For Spending and Saving That Match Up With Your Money Personality
Understand How to Align Your Spending With Your Values

So, about the Hip Hop part...

Don't worry, we won't be teaching you any raps about compound interest or a dance for how to remember which bills to pay each month. 

There is a huge focus in Hip Hop education on understand your identity in relation to the whole. By connecting Hip Hop and Finance, you not only begin to understand yourself and your relationship with money, but also how to build financial habits that resonate with your personal identity and how you learn and process information.

Hip Hop culture is inherently inclusive, community-focused, and entrepreneurship-led.

When you start to see how your skills and talents can benefit your community and those around you, talking about money is no longer a source of shame. It becomes a conversation about tools, strategies, and resources you can share and how your unique experiences and identity contribute to the big picture. When we start the financial planning conversation from a place that is rooted in the principles and philosophies of Hip Hop, we are using a shared language that makes everyone in the room feel heard and understood.

(Oh, and you may also learn how to beatbox.)

Pam & Dyalekt presenting

Some Places We've Hip Hopped & Financed:

Salesforce Futureforce
General Assembly (NYC, SF, Boston, DC, LA)
Brown University
Stanford University
PBS Nova Labs
Uncommon Goods
UC Irvine Career Center
Prosperity Now Summit
UMass Boston
Young Professionals of San Francisco
Art World Conference
Levo League
Grace Hopper Fullstack Academy
Nomadic Press Artists Financial Plan
NYC Parks GreenThumb
City of Columbus
Musical Theater Factory
CCI Arts
Joan Mitchell Foundation
Bowery Poetry Club
Hire Black
The Field
Ethels Club
Fools Fury
Mira Costa
Family Values at Work
Brookdale Community College

Ready for us to do a workshop at your organization?

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Video samples and sample presentations available upon request. Let's make it happen!