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12-Month Financial Planning, Coaching, & Advocacy Program
Help organizing your entire financial life?
To build a personalized Recipe for Wealth?
Monthly 1-1 accountability, coaching, and action plans?
A personal financial advocate on your side?
To stop using Google for financial advice?
Real-time advice and action steps for when life happens and plans change?
(for biz owners) To get your business finances running like a machine?
3-Month Financial Planning Quick-Start
Someone to “check your work” and do a complete financial review?
To build a personalized Recipe for Wealth?
A detailed list of financial action steps for you to implement?
Financial advocacy guidance?
3 months to ask a financial planner anything and everything?
A solid financial foundation to prepare for unexpected life events?
(for biz owners) Advice on structuring your business?
Cohort-Based Financial Planning & Coaching
Guidance and community to help you move forward on your finances?
An outline for you to build a personalized Recipe for Wealth?
Group accountability and coaching on a monthly basis?
Education on how to be your own financial advocate?
To stop using Google for financial advice?
A coach to facilitate getting your financial sh*t done?
(for biz owners) Advice and accountability for building your business?

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