See Change | Financial Coaching & Advocacy for People of Color

See Change is a community-based financial coaching & advocacy program designed for the distinct needs of People of Color. We are on a mission to create racial economic inclusion and help communities of color build generational wealth.

Join See Change and Get Shameless About Your Money!

Does this sound familiar?

✋🏽 You're working hard at your job or business, but...

You can often count the number of People of Color in the room on one hand, including yourself.  You put in the same hours and the same amount of work as everyone around you, but it still feels like you're swimming upstream.

✋🏽 You know you're undervaluing your work

It's hard to balance asking for what you're worth and just being grateful for what you have, but it feels like resources and connections that everyone else seems to have access to remain outside your grasp.

✋🏽 You want to believe you can do anything

But the advice you get like "follow your passion" and "fail forward" is not an option. You're one of the few in your family with the college degree and you're the safety net for your family, not the other way around.

✋🏽 Your family still has no idea what you do

You were taught the path to success was get good grades, go to a good college, get a good job and learned the hard way that it was this very structure that was holding you back.

💗 And yet you're still here

In search of your true purpose and the answers for how to break the cycle, build wealth, and do what you love. You're still here because the work is more important to you than the BS you have to deal with to get to do it.

You're still here because if you're not, no one else like you will be.

⤵️ It's not just in your head...

📉 The average wealth of white families is 10 TIMES the wealth of Black families ($171,000 vs. $17,000)

📈It will take 242 YEARS for the average Black family to catch up to the wealth of a white family today

📊 1 out of 3 families of color have a net worth of ZERO OR LESS vs. 1 out of 12 white households

🫶🏽You're not wrong, you're not stupid, and you're not alone

Many POC communities have it ingrained in our culture that our finances are meant to be private, secret, hidden, and personal, whether you have a little or a lot.

When money is a taboo, we're left feeling alone, ashamed, and afraid to truly face our finances.

Our fear and silence have kept us in the dark from not only our own knowledge and power, but the knowledge and power of our communities.

We're here to break ourselves out of the cycle, together.

See Change principles are not rooted in self-care, they are rooted in collective-care

🥓 Create Your Recipe for Wealth

✨ Core Values

Your core values are your internal guide for what matters to you so this is where we start

✨ 5 Stages to Financial Legacy

Our 5 stages (safety, stability, sustainability, independence, legacy) show you where you've been and where you're headed

✨ Commitment & Accountability Plan

We value commitment to the process of change and together we'll create an accountability plan that resonates with you and is realistic with your other commitments

✨ Personal Financial Portal

The hub for all your finances, this portal will be how we track where your money is going 

☕️ Meet Your Financial Coach

See Change coaches work with you to educate and empower you to heal your relationship with money and build financial resilience

✨ Accredited Financial Counselor (AFC®)

✨ Training in interpersonal neurobiology for POC

✨ Guides you through your Recipe for Wealth

✨ Two Initial 1-1 Calls - 30-min Tech Call + 45-min Strategy Call

✨ 1-1 Progress Calls twice per year

✨ Private message anytime

✨ Get coached in real time at Brunch Club!

🥞 Connect with Your See Change Community

✨ Weekly Brunch Club!

Every week, you'll be able to join Brunch Club and meet with a coach and other See Changers. Come as you are and get financial tasks done with other See Changers and chat with a coach in real time. It's like office hours + study hall + after school hangout all at once!

✨ Online Community App

Ask for advice, opinions, and celebration from fellow See Changers, chat with your community groups, and message your coach anytime

 🫱🏽‍🫲🏾 Minimum 1 year commitment

We've worked with hundreds of clients and we know what it takes to SEE real financial CHANGE. Here’s what we’ve learned:

✨ Breakthroughs don’t happen in 30 days or even 3 months, they happen over a long period of time

You need to work on undoing and unlearning a lot of f*cked up money sh*t and how that has shown up in your finances

✨ You need consistent financial coaching in an inconsistent financial system, including dealing with setbacks

✨ It takes time to feel safe in a space, not feel ashamed to share (both wins and losses) and build relationships with others


 🙋🏽‍♀️ Are you ready to be ready?

See Change is not for everyone. We don't just do financial literacy or financial education. We guide you through your feelings and relationship with money so you can feel safe and confident to make real progress.

Can you say yes to everything on our ready to be ready checklist?

✅ I am ready to forgive myself for not being financially perfect

✅ I am ready to start thinking about my money on a regular basis

✅ I am ready to challenge myself and unlearn harmful practices and mindset around money

✅ I am ready to be okay with setbacks and reaching out for help when I get stuck. I know I don't have to do it myself anymore

✅ I am ready to let go of habits that have helped me survive and do the work to create habits that help me thrive

✅ I am ready to be supported by others in my financial journey

✅ I am ready to give myself the space of at least one year to begin to heal my relationship with money


⭐ The full annual cost of the See Change program is broken up into monthly payments to make sure it fits into your budget

⭐ The rates are sliding scale based on income in our efforts to create equitable pricing and make our program as accessible to as many people as possible. There are rates for individuals and rates for couples.

⭐ There is a minimum 1 year commitment to join. If you cancel before 1 year, you'll be subject to cancellation fees.

⭐ If these rates are still not feasible for your budget, please reach out to to see if we have scholarship programs available


Don't worry, you don't have to do it all at once 🤓


Here's what's included:

Two Initial Calls + Recipe for Wealth

When you sign up, you'll schedule your 30-minute Tech Call to get oriented and then schedule a 45-minute strategy call to put together your personal Recipe for Wealth

Semi-Annual Progress Calls

Twice per year, you'll meet 1-1 with your financial coach to make sure your Recipe for Wealth is still in alignment with your values and goals. Use these checkins to reset and recharge

Brunch Club!

Three times per month, you'll be able to come to Brunch Club! Come as you are and bring everything or nothing (or anything in between) and chat with a coach and fellow See Changers to get your financial sh*t done

Your Personal Financial Portal

Finally, everything in one place. Your financial portal will have all of your accounts linked, all your expenses, balance sheet, debt paydown plan, bills calendar, and best of all, the ability for us to see everything you see. You'll have lifetime access to this portal.

Targeted Financial Literacy Courses

After putting that big financial plan together, it can feel like everything is priority and also unclear where to start. Our targeted financial literacy courses will give you the foundation to start tackling your financial goals.

Community Groups

Our community groups are designed for you to find your community within the community! You can join one of four community groups and participate in community conversations and group chats with See Changers working towards similar goals

 ✨ THE Frequently Asked Question: Why are you focusing on People of Color?

We know you're not supposed to drop a long piece of text in the middle of a sales page, but answering this question is complex and important, so roll with us for a sec

When Pam started doing Brunch & Budget full time, she noticed that she had to plan differently for her clients of color and they were having different conversations about how to implement a financial plan. Pam and her husband, Dyalekt dedicated years diving into racial wealth divide initiatives, learning the stats and causes behind it, and creating a podcast on personal finances & racial economic inclusion.

One thing we've learned is if you want People of Color to feel comfortable talking about their finances, you have to provide a safe space to do it. People of Color have been told in so many different ways that we don't belong. When it comes to finances, we need to feel like we belong before we can talk about it.

Of course you can go to any financial planner and get advice, but can you relate to this person? Will they understand what you're going through? Will their advice come with the empathy and understanding of where you're coming from?

People of Color are often first generation college graduates, the highest earning members of your family, and the main financial support for your family. You make a decent income, but have had a hard time building wealth because of your family financial obligations. You’re more likely to be saddled with student loan debt and less likely to have a history of homeownership in your family. 

You’ve had to deal with fighting for raises amidst workplace discrimination and smile through micro aggressions (or, as our interpersonal neurobiology course calls it - random dehumanization). You’ve fantasized about quitting your job, but can’t fathom explaining it to your parents or saving up enough money to do it. 

Trust us, it’s not just you and it’s not in your head. On average, white families have 10 times the wealth of Black families ($171k vs. $17k) and it will take Black families 242 years to catch up to the wealth of white families today. These stats exist today because of an unbroken line of policies, narratives, and institutions designed to deny or strip wealth from families of color.

The financial services industry has either ignored you or taken advantage of you and your family. There is a lot we are going to need to process, sort through, and unpack together. By focusing on the needs of People of Color, we can all start on some common ground and have a shared understanding of the learning and unlearning that needs to be done.