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Our group financial planning community designed to help POC build generational wealth

The system is set up for us to get caught in a debt/poverty cycle and stay running just to tread water. From how we bank, to our how credit scores are calculated, to how we are kept in the dark about investing, to how we pay our taxes, the rules change all the time so the people on top stay on top.

What if you not only knew the rules, but knew exactly how to apply them to your own financial situation? What if you were able to not only reverse your financial mistakes, but start making the rules work for you?

The financial industry is designed to take advantage of People of Color.

💪🏽 It's time to change that. It's starts with us. 💪🏽

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$50-150/month (individual) | $80-200/month (couples*)

*FOR COUPLES: couples must be domestic partners or married, have joint finances (or plans to join finances) and attend the same cohort sessions and 1-1 coaching sessions** 

These services would usually cost at least $200/month ($400 for couples), but we are working hard to subsidize the cost so we can give access to any POC who needs this program.

We require a 12-month commitment to join See Change.

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Does this sound familiar?

What if instead, you felt like this?

I work super hard and still can't keep my head above water financially


My hard work is leading to financial sustainability and I see a path to building generational wealth

I don't know who to trust when it comes to getting help with my finances


I have a trusted financial coach & advisor who I can reach anytime I have questions

I'm exhausted by participating in a financial system rooted in white supremacy


I understand how to navigate the current systems and have clarity on what needs to change to achieve true racial wealth equity

I feel financially illiterate and have no idea where to start


I have a personal financial roadmap and have a clear idea of what financial stage I’m in and how to get to the next one

I feel like I have to do this alone


I have a community of like-minded POC who I can lean on for support, celebration, ideas, and accountability

When we can See Change, we can start a sea change.

The definition of a sea change is a profound and notable transformation. These great profound changes do not happen with one event or one moment, they happen over generations.

Change happens incrementally, which makes it all the more important to share and celebrate changes in our personal finances so we can create a sea change in our collective capital, our public policy, and our economic system.


YEARS for the average Black family to catch up to the wealth of a White family today

source: Running in Place, report by Prosperity Now


The racial wealth divide is a chasm that’s only growing. Having a strong and confident grasp of your personal finances and understanding how they relate to the bigger financial system is one of ways you can help create racial wealth equity for your family and community.

Here’s how we’ll SEE CHANGE together:

COHORT: Engage in collective leadership and deep trust

Starlings travel in flocks upwards of a million birds. How do they do it? "Every individual bird focuses on their seven closest neighbors… engaging in clear, consistent communication and exhibiting collective leadership and deep, deep trust... and thus manage larger flock cohesiveness and synchronicity." - Sierra Pickett (From Adrienne Maree Brown’s Emergent Strategy) You’ll join a monthly cohort with 7 other members because the real secret to See Change on a large scale is to go deep with a few people around you.

COACH: Your advisor, advocate, and cheerleader

As soon as you join, you’ll sign up for your onboarding call with a See Change financial coach, who will help orient you to the whole program and run your cohort meetings. You'll also be able to message your coach as needed and have access to Study Hall sessions throughout the month to chat with a coach in real time! If you need more 1-1 time, See Changers get 50% Just One Thing calls!

ROADMAP: Begin with the end in mind

You tell us where you want to go and we'll tell you how to get there. During your onboarding call, you and your coach will put together a personalized financial roadmap that will guide you through our 5 stages to financial legacy. You’ll have a 2nd strategy call to go over your financial roadmap and know exactly how to get to the next stage.

COMMUNITY: It’s not about self-care, it’s about collective care

Every month, we will explore themes around POC, finances, and racial wealth equity within our community platform, Mighty Networks. Unpacking your relationship with money is already A LOT to ask, but how do we as POC deal with imposter syndrome, having to work twice as hard, toxic family traditions, burning out, or changing our habits? We deal with it together.

ACTION: Turn financial literacy into financial resilience

Education means nothing if you still don’t know how to take action. We are in the midst of designing education courses and challenges that will take you through how to get a better credit score, get a raise (or raise your rates!), open a retirement account, get an estate plan together, pay down debt, start a savings habit, learn how to invest, and much more!

⭐⭐We have have 32 spots available in the next round starting on May 3rd! Sign up now to make sure you secure a spot! ⭐⭐


$50-150/month (individual) | $80-200/month (couples*)

**FOR COUPLES: couples must be domestic partners or married, have joint finances (or plans to join finances) and attend the same cohort sessions and 1-1 coaching sessions** 

These services would usually cost at least $200/month ($400 for couples), but we are working hard to subsidize the cost so we can give access to any POC who needs this program.

We require a 12-month commitment to join See Change. No quick fixes or magic bullets here.

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Interested but not ready to commit? Text BRUNCH to 33777 to get notified when we open up See Change again and get some free education at

Here's what's included:

TWO 1-1 Strategy Calls with your Coach to build a custom financial roadmap

Custom Financial Roadmap to track financial goals, tasks, and progress

Monthly Cohort Calls to stay accountable to your goals and actions

Facilitated Study Hall Sessions to ask questions in real time

Your Personal Financial Portal to track income, expenses, savings, and debt

PM your coach & ask community questions for hivemind responses

Icon - Road Map

Your Financial Roadmap

Financial planning isn’t just about investments or budgeting. It’s about it’s about getting to the root of what you really value and learning how to use money as a tool to help you reach your goals and live your best life. Here's how we'll help you do it:


Know exactly how much you're making and spending each month and be able to plan where you want it to go


Whether you want to build side income to supplement your current income or create a plan for starting your own business and working for yourself, we’ll talk about how to build multiple streams of income.


No more guessing how much you can put away each month and where to put it. Know much to put towards savings and streamline your bank accounts.


You will learn how to review and analyze your credit score/report so you know exactly how to increase your score over the next 1-2 years and be in a good position to reach big goals.


Should you do a balance transfer? Consolidate? How do you manage student loans? What are your best options are for paying down debt while still saving?


Should you be contributing to your 401k? Traditional or Roth? How much should you start investing each month? What should you invest in?


Are you maximizing your current tax situation? What can you deduct as a freelancer? Are you letting the government borrow too much of your money?


We'll go over your health, life, disability, home/renters/auto insurance, oh my! We'll make sure the assets you've built are properly protected.


We'll talk about what will happen (to your money) when you die. Do you need a Will? Health care proxy? Power of Attorney? All of the above? Are your beneficiaries listed correctly?

See Change is not for you if:

You can’t see yourself being able to talk about money or personal finances with other people
You can’t commit to monthly cohort meetings and you don’t like being held accountable by a group
You are not community oriented and don’t like to give or receive feedback from people you may not have met
You are not interested in learning about the racial wealth divide or systemic economic inequality
You don’t have the time to commit or room in your schedule to examine your finances more closely and build new habits and routines
You’re looking for the next money “hack,” shortcut, hot investment tip, or tax loophole
You want us to do all the work for you
You’re not ready to unpack your financial baggage or talk about your relationship with money
You don’t trust technology and don’t want to put all your information (or feelings!) in a website (even if it’s bank level encrypted)

See Change is not for everyone. Please be honest with yourself and DO NOT sign up for this program if any of the above applies to you. We know this is a big commitment and want to make sure this program is absolutely right for you!

⭐⭐We have 32 spots available starting May 3rd! Sign up now to secure your spot! ⭐⭐


$50-150/month (individual) | $80-200/month (couples*)

**FOR COUPLES: couples must be domestic partners or married, have joint finances (or plans to join finances) and attend the same cohort sessions and 1-1 coaching sessions** 

These services would usually cost at least $200/month ($400 for couples), but we are working hard to subsidize the cost so we can give access to any POC who needs this program.

We require a 12-month commitment to join See Change. No quick fixes or magic bullets here.

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Frequently Thought Questions

all the questions you think about asking, but close the tab instead

Why POC?


When Pam started doing Brunch & Budget full time, she noticed that she had to plan differently for her clients of Color vs. my White clients and they were having different conversations about how to implement a financial plan.

One thing we've learned at Brunch & Budget is if you want People of Color to feel comfortable talking about their finances, you have to provide a space to do it and be deliberate about the space being for us. It's why we need affirmative action, diversity programs at workplaces, etc. because diversity won't just happen. People of Color have been told in so many different ways that we don't belong. When it comes to finances, we need to feel like we belong before we can talk about it.

Of course you can go to any financial planner and get good advice, but can you relate to this person? Will they understand what you're going through? Will their advice come with the empathy and understanding of where you're coming from?

As a Person of Color, you are often first generation college graduates, the highest earning members of your family, and the main financial support for your family. You make a decent income, but have had a hard time building wealth because of your financial obligations.

You’ve had to deal with fighting for raises amidst workplace discrimination and smile through micro aggressions. You’ve fantasized about quitting your job, but can’t fathom explaining it to your parents or saving up enough money to do it. You’re more likely to be saddled with student loan debt and less likely to be expecting an inheritance.

The financial services industry has either ignored you or taken advantage of you and your family. There is a lot we are going to need to process, sort through, and unpack together. By focusing on your needs as a Person of Color, we can all start on some common ground and have a shared understanding of the work that needs to be done.

See Change was formed with immediate and long-term goals in mind. The immediate goal is to serve the underserved, to provide group financial planning to people who cannot afford private wealth management, and to provide training and education to people who have been systemically denied access. In many cases, that means People of Color. A necessary part of the process is to provide a space where members have the opportunity to share their stories in a non-judgmental environment.

It’s valuable to learn that you aren’t crazy,  stupid, or the only one in your situation. The inherent needs in our first goal skew towards People of Color, but not exclusively. Our second goal is to close the racial wealth divide that exists in the United States. The most effective method for that is to help People of Color build and maintain some form of generational wealth.

The first goal is based on individual need, but the second is about building stronger communities. It’s a daunting task, but we’re using education to counter polices like the Indian Intercourse Act, the Fugitive Slave Act, the Homestead Act, Jim Crow, The Naturalization Act of 1790, the war on drugs, and immigration policies today.

For People of Color, that means individuals must make financial and social sacrifices to bring stability to future generations. For White people, it means the same. The specifics of those sacrifices are the difference and what will determine who is a good fit for See Change.

There is no such thing as reverse racism.

If you are a POC and your partner is White, you would join as a couple and your partner would be able to come to all the 1-1 sessions with your financial coach (strategy calls, seasonal checkins, office hours), link their accounts to the financial portal, and have message your financial coach with questions. We ask that they refrain from participating in the monthly cohort calls or other community conversations as we are seeking to create a POC-only community space to discuss money and finances.

We love this question! We get this question a lot from White folks who want to support See Change and other causes that center POC. We ask that instead of thinking of yourself as an ally, to think of yourself as an accomplice.

An ally goes to a protest. An accomplice puts their bodies in front of others at protests who are more at risk for harm (think Wall of Moms in Portland!).

When it comes to support POC in their journey to build generational wealth, the hard reality is that we need money to do it. From the time is takes to run the program, operating costs, technology costs, creating content for members, to paying our POC financial coaches an hourly rate that's sustainable, See Change will be running negative for a while without external support.

If you'd like to support See Change, please consider contributing to our White Accomplices fund here. It's not tax deductible because this is not charity or philanthropy. This is an investment in our collective efforts to create racial wealth equity and give POC an opportunity to build generational wealth.



We’ve thought a lot about how to price See Change to make sure it’s affordable and accessible, but so we can also provide the value and service you need to, well, see change 🙂 Comparable services like these that include a full comprehensive financial plan, 1-1 financial coaching and advising, and monthly cohort calls, can cost at a minimum $200/month ($400/month for couples).

By offering these lower rates and a sliding scale model, we ask that you in turn commit your time and energy to being an integral part of the community. That means making See Change meetings a priority, participating in group discussions, and being an active member throughout your time here. We know community and collective leadership is transformative and want to remove as many financial barriers as we can to give you access to it.

**WE REQUIRE A 12-MONTH COMMITMENT TO JOIN and there is an early cancellation fee**

Our 1-1 financial planning & coaching program, Budge ( is priced at significantly more than See Change, so what's the difference? I would think of Budge as getting a personal financial trainer and See Change as taking group classes with some 1-1 support.

With Budge, you get 4 strategy calls and a detailed financial plan where we do a deep analysis of all your financial documents. You then meet with your financial planner every month to implement everything. You also get unlimited email support and financial advocate calls, where we will actually get on the phone with you and financial institutions/accountant/attorney/HR, etc. or video chat/screenshare with you to navigate complex financial situations.

With See Change, you'll be assigned to a cohort and a financial coach. Your coach will help you put together a financial roadmap, which will give you guidance on what your next steps are and you'll rely on your cohort for support and to hold each other accountable and learn together. You will be doing most of the personal finance work on your own and get support through your cohort and the larger See Change community.

If you are someone who needs more 1-1 support and accountability and someone to advocate for you and you have a tendency to fall back or hide in group settings, See Change may not be a good fit for you.

We know cost is a major factor in why many of you are leaning towards See Change, but spending a little money on something you don't end up using is self-defeating. Please be honest with yourself as we don't want a See Change membership to turn into that gym membership you never use.

See a side by side comparison of all our services here:

Often, financial planners say they feel “guilty” taking money from people when they are in debt. I understand the sentiment, I used to feel that way too. But then I realized that turning away clients who had debt was the equivalent of a doctor saying, “Come back to me when you’ve lost 20 pounds and then I can be your doctor.”

If you haven’t been able to figure out how to get out of debt, what got you into debt, and how to stay out of debt on your own, you may need some guidance and accountability from a financial planning professional on how to get it done.

Please reach out to us! Depending on your financial situation, we may be able to partially subsidize the cost so you can still participate in the program.

When you reach out, please email us the answers to the questions on the See Change sign up page so we can get a better idea of who you are and why you want to join:

You can email Allison at

In all our years working with clients to make real financial change, we know true change doesn't happen in 30 days, 10 weeks, or whatever other short time frame many programs offer. True change happens when you've had setbacks and bounced back from them, when you've ignored your finances for a few months and know you have the support to jump back into them, when you've experimented with changing your habits and needed help getting to the next stage. 12 months is the minimum amount of time it takes to see long term progress.

For compliance reasons, we are not allowed to just work with one half of a couple if we will be reviewing joint finances (or discussing plans to join finances) so you will need to sign up as a couple. If you have a partner who's entire financial life is completely separate from yours and the intention is for it to remain that way for the duration of the 12-month commitment, you can join on your own.

General Q's


You are only required to share your financial information, like amount of debt, money in the bank, how much you earn, etc., with your financial coach. You are welcome to also share with your cohort or the larger community, especially if you feel that other members will benefit from your experience.

We will ask that you share things like the monthly habit you’re working on, any action steps you're taking, courses you're working on, and successes and challenges you run into. You never have to share specifics, but often sharing specifics can feel liberating. You'd be surprised how many others share your experience and your story and how many of us can learn from you!

Money is the last big taboo and it’s especially a taboo in immigrant communities and communities of Color. We are taught that we shouldn’t talk about money, but where did that come from? Who taught us that? Who actually benefits from us not speaking to each other and not sharing ideas, resources, and solutions? The people who preyed on us in the first place.

Talking about money releases you from feeling like you’re all alone and there’s no way out. You’ll find people who have been through your situation and who can help you out of your situation.

We've found that when people start talking about money and start saying financial things out loud for the first time, it actually takes away the shame and embarrassment. Your brain switches into a solution and action oriented mode and you are able to face financial challenges head on with the support of a community.

YES! You have a financial advisor/planner/coach when you join See Change. You are a client!

See Change is a program under the Brunch & Budget RIA (Registered Investment Advisor). We are set up with all the legal regulations to give 1-1 financial advice to clients. All financial coaches have either a(n):

  • CFP® designation (Certified Financial Planner)
  • Series 65 (investment advisor representative license)
  • AFC® designation (Accredited Financial Counselor) *Note: coaches who only have an AFC® designation cannot give investment advice (put your money in this fund/stock/bond), only investment education (this is what a mutual fund is)

A financial planner is someone who gives you financial advice based on your individual situation and helps you plan for how to achieve your short and long term goals. They will do an analysis of your financial data and put together a plan that they believe will meet your goals and advise you on how to implement the plan along the way.

A financial coach is someone who helps you figure out what mental obstacles might be holding you back, examines your current financial behaviors and habits, and guides you through setting goals, getting clarity on your values, creating systems, and uncovering answers to your questions.

The main difference between a planner and a coach is that a planner will directly give you advice or recommendations and a coach will help guide you into discovering the answers yourself, usually through a series of leading questions.

At See Change, while we use the title “financial coach,” all coaches serve as a hybrid planner/coach depending on the situation. We believe a good financial coach should also know how to be good planner and a good planner should also know how to be a coach.

I’m glad you asked! With comprehensive financial planning, we look at your entire financial picture and create a plan based that addresses every aspect of your financial life so that you can reach your life goals.

This may mean that we don’t tackle debt first, but instead build up your savings. Or we need to prioritize insurance and legal documents because you’re starting a family. Or we cut back on contributions to your 401k because you want to start saving aggressively to buy a home.

Our job as financial coaches is to help you create the plan, implement it, and coach you through any setbacks, issues, and adjustments.

Financial planning is a delicate balance of making sure you are handling your short term priorities, working towards your long term goals, helping you avoid big financial mistakes, and making adjustments along the way as new life changes get thrown into the mix.

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