See Change

What is See Change?

So many of us have been taught that our finances are meant to be private, secret, hidden, and personal. The result of making money a taboo is it's also left so many of us feeling alone, ashamed, embarrassed, and scared to truly face our finances. Many POC communities have it ingrained in our culture to keep our mouths shut about our money, whether you have a little or a lot.

We're here to break ourselves out of the cycle. Our fear and silence have kept us in the dark from not only our own knowledge and power, but the knowledge and power of our communities.

See Change principles are not rooted in self-care, they are rooted in collective-care.

We use the technology that we have, especially in these times, to connect to your finances and each other. We offer a number of services to help meet the needs of different learning styles and different money personalities:

⭐️ Your Recipe for Wealth: with the help of your coach, you'll put together a Recipe for Wealth, which will take you through our 5 Stages to Financial Legacy (with over 90 financial tasks!), personalized goals, 90-day milestones, and habits that help you thrive.

⭐️ Cohort Tracks: If you want to dive even deeper, there are 4 cohort tracks you can join and find community within the community! The cohort tracks are I Work for Me, #FirstGenKid, Family Legacy, and Reimagining Identity. Learn more here.

⭐️ Education Courses: You’ll have access to education courses on demand that cover everything from understanding your taxes, getting the best bank, creating a savings habit, to starting your own business.

⭐️ See Change Study Halls: twice per month, you'll be able to attend study halls facilitated by See Change coaches. These are 1.5 hour blocks where you can get your financial sh*t done, collaborate with other See Changers, and can chat with a See Change coach.

⭐️ See Change Coaches: you'll be assigned a See Change Coach, who will be your partner through the program. They'll help you create your personal Recipe for Wealth and make sure you understand, and have access to all of the program offerings that will help you reach your goals. You can message your coach anytime for support.

⭐️ Initial Strategy Call: as soon as you join, you'll be able to schedule a 1-hour strategy call with a See Change coach to help orient you to the program, build out Your Recipe for Wealth, and help you decide which See Change services to take advantage of.

⭐️ Semi-annual check-in calls: twice per year, you and your See Change coach will meet to make sure you're on track with your Recipe for Wealth and help you adjust any goals and habits you've been working on. Life happens, and your coach will support you as you navigate those changes.

⭐️ Your financial portal: you'll start to get really familiar with your finances through your online financial portal and will be using this portal to stay on top of your finances.

Have questions? Drop us a line below. We want to hear from you!