Preach to the Choir

Preach to the Choir Bonus Episode

Episode 1: Does the Racial Wealth Divide Affect White People?

We’re here with a special bonus episode. Starting in May, we are going to be part of a new podcast network called the Race & Wealth Podcast Network. We’re excited to be starting the network with Dedrick Asante-Muhammad, who you may remember from Race & Wealth the podcast that I was co-hosting and Pam was producing, or as our guest on Brunch & Budget. He was the Racial Wealth Divide Senior Fellow at Prosperity Now, and he is currently the chief of equity inclusion at NCRC. 

Today we have a preview for you of the new show that we are doing together, the three of us, called Preach to the Choir. It’s a rough sequel to Race & Wealth the podcast as Race & Wealth has ascended to being a whole network, and we have other shows that we’ll be bringing on soon, so we’ll let you know as those come out. Check it out.