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OBG: b&b75 How to sell without feeling like a salesperson

One of the realities of being a freelancer or entrepreneur is that you’re also going to be a salesperson.

Most of us recoil when we hear this word, and conjure up visions of used car salesmen and slick and manipulative tactics. You’re afraid that you’ll be perceived as the sleazy salesperson.

This show is all about tips on how to sell your services without feeling like you’re a salesperson and it starts with this critical fact from “Dirty sales tactics are designed for selling to strangers. And most people don’t care about selling strangers something they don’t need.”

Tune in for how to sell your services in an authentic and real way and get the clients who will really benefit from what you have to offer.

Episode Highlights:

Pam: Having your own business automatically makes you a salesperson, whether you like it or not.

Dyalekt: Knowing who you don’t wanna work with, knowing who you won’t take money from, that is gonna set some barriers for you.

Dyalekt: Separating your target audience from your paying folks, that gets complicated. It’s also a thing that can be done though.

Pam: If you take somebody outside of your niche, then its that much more work for you because you have to do different kinds of work for them. Shoutout to Michael Kitsis for bringing that up

Dyalekt: I know you think art is universal, everybody feels you, yada yada yada, no. Art is conversation and conversation is never universal.

Pam: And this is why you cannot say that your thing is for everyone, because you don’t even live your life like that. Nobody lives their life like “Oh, well I got this ‘cause it’s for everyone.” No one wants to feel like they got the thing that was for everyone, so why would you expect that if you say you’re for everyone that people are gonna come to you?

Pam: The longer that you work in your niche and in your target market, the more you’ll be able to narrow it down even more.

Pam: it makes your life so much easier and it makes your value so much clearer to the people that you’re actually working with. You don’t wanna talk to everybody, because then who are you actually talking to?

Pam: What’s awesome about being an entrepreneur is you do get to choose who you surround yourself with. You don’t have to make any compromises.

Pam: If we don’t think of people as customers and we think of them as members in a community that you’re creating, it’s a whole different level of communicating

Pam: Don’t be afraid to give your stuff away, and give away the good stuff too, honestly. Give away the good stuff because, if you’re the creator of the thing, that means that you have more to create. This isn’t just “Oh, this is everything I got and that’s it. I’m done and I’m exhausted.” You are able to create this stuff because there is an abundance of this in you, and so don’t forget that part of it too.

Dyalekt: It’s okay for it not to be about you. It isn’t about you, but it is from you .

Pam: Really, at the end of the day, it’s all about being real and being upfront and understanding that nothing is perfect, and as long as your audience trusts you and you’ve really built up this level of trust and rapport with them, then you’re selling without selling. That’s just it. That’s the bottom line.

Pam: The biggest thing I think that I want you to take away from this is you are not selling to customers, you are creating a community. Whatever that is. Whether someone just buys from you once, whether someone reads your free stuff, whether they’re a longtime purchaser of your things, you are creating a community of people who are like minded and who are all driving for the same thing, and you are in a really exciting position where you get to help them through that.