4 faces of Dyalekt

OBG b&b101 Investing for Dummylekt Part 1

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For the last several months, we’ve been using Dyalekt as a guinea pig for different investment platforms to see how they feel when you use them in real life. We explore Dyalekt’s trepidation with the stock market in general, how to make it feel less like gambling, and have some practical ideas for how to get started if you’re nervous about investing or have your own moral dilemmas about it.

The apps we explore include Motif Investing, Digit.co, Acorns, and Goldbean.

We have so much to unpack that we are going to make this a two-parter, so catch up this week and tune in next week!


Opening: Dyalekt “The stock market is a bad thing. It is bad for businesses. Unilaterally.”

Emerging market basically means a third world country but we trade with you and shit. Like you make our clothes (Brazil, Russia, India & China).

Developed markets are basically markets that are rich. They’re known as high income economies (U.S., Canada, Austria, Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, Germany, France, Western Europe).

Frontier markets: Basically, we don’t even consider their stock markets a part of our stock markets.

When people hear the word invest their mind immediately goes to the stock market. That’s something too, where because it feels like this mystery and this black box and there’s so much going on, that it feels like ‘oh I don’t actually know how to do this,” but if you own your own business you invest in your business all the time. You invest your time, you probably invest your money. If you have an income property, you’re investing in that. Investing in your community. Investing in the word really means putting something in, hoping to get something out of it and more.

There’s this catch 22 about investing in the stock market. It’s like if you want to be active in it it takes time that you don’t necessarily have, it makes it not passive income, and then if you wanna have it be passive income, then you can’t be active in it.

Opening up an IPO or having their company be publicly traded, the big thing that cats said is that then you start serving two masters. There’s the master of I want to have a good product or service, and I want to keep these quarterly people happy. And you shouldn’t be doing both things. I don’t DJ my own tracks. I can’t cut and rap y’all sorry.

I incorporated a company when I was twenty years old. It was multimedia, entertainment, doing all this kind of stuff, and I was advised, when I’m putting together the articles of incorporation, to say that my business is in the business of making money in any way that I can make money, because otherwise if you put a specific thing about what you do, then you have to just do that…I was like oh my god if I say I”m gonna sell shoes and one day I get a great idea for hats, I’m screwed….if as a person that sounds like a crazy sociopath who should not be given a job, why is it cool for a business to say this?

You really need to keep the money in an investment account for a long period of time to really not have it be gambling, to really have it be you putting the money in there for thirty years and if history repeats itself again, then you’ll go through a couple cycles of downturns but by the end of thirty, forty, fifty years, you’ll have more money than what you started with.

The thing people think of investing as is this passive income that you’re going to be able to tap into regularly, and when you put money in an investment account you can’t really think of it like that, because the thing is you don’t want to have to touch that money and end up selling stuff at a loss.

If you do want to start investing, part of the understanding is unless you’re going to be an active active participant in it and you wanna be trading stocks regularly, and you’re comfortable with that short-term risk, then really you need to think of investing as a very long term play.

Have an awareness of what you’re doing. You don’t have to stop yourself, you don’t have to feel bad about it, but know that this is what’s happening.