"Lil Raq's Summer Series Playlist"

b&b Bonus: Lil Raq’s Summer Series Playlist

  My b&b Top Twenty

Hi there! Many of you haven’t met me yet. I’m known as Raquel to many, Franccesquita to my family, and Lil Raq [if you’ve listened to these two episodes: hi and hi] at Brunch & Budget. 

I’ve been behind the scenes on the podcast, working with Pam and Dyalekt since January of this year. I began as an intern then once I graduated from Pratt Institute in May, I decided to stay on the b&b train and continue working with the show. It’s just too good and I love being a part of the #TeamBondfire fam. But enough about me. You are reading this because of music.

I’m sure you know this, but the song selection for Brunch & Budget is insane. Dylaket meticulously scrolls through Bandcamp and SoundCloud, looking not only for a unique sound which matches the episode’s theme but specifically for an independent or upcoming artist. Because of this, it was incredibly hard to select only ten (I couldn’t narrow it down) songs to feature in a playlist, so I decided to create a series of playlists starting with my top twenty (because ten was impossible) since my first month in January 2017 until the most recent episode (163).

Whether you’re commuting to work, school, or just strolling around, this playlist is a filled with smooth sounds, thoughtful lyricism, and captivating beats. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

(b&b139) Day Job by Dragon Fli Empire

(b&b141) Order 66 by Sir Darkseid

(b&b142) Chasin’ Rallies by Mykele Deville (Produced by Colin Mulhern)

(b&b143) Love and Money by Soothsayers

(b&b 143) Money or Love by Ghetto Black

(b&b144) Interlude (moms and pops) by Mays

(b&b147) Seize the Day (Produced by The Tone) by Happy Accident

(b&b148) Dance Jawn by Halfro

(b&b151) Here We Go Again by Jahi (PE2.0)

(b&b152) Run Until I Die by Tonye Aganaba

(b&b154) Money by Melissa Czarnik

(b&b155) They Said… by Raidge

(b&b156) Millenials (Produced by VER.TWO) by VER.TWO

(b&b158) Freelance by Q

(b&b159) Catfish by Lilith Ai

(b&b160) Follow by Saviorself

(b&b161) Quit Job, Make Music by Emsee Mr. Furious & The Saint

(b&b162) Deadly Cycle ft. Monroe by Boss Carrot

(b&b162) Vegetariano by Cuerpo Manda

(b&b163) Lending Face by Metacara

If anyone has any suggestions for the new playlist or know of more artists for us to feature in our future shows, leave a comment, message us on Facebook, or tweet at us: @brunchandbudget. I’ll read through them all and let Pam and Dyalekt know!

Seriously though, subscribe to the podcast. It helps us; it helps you. And tell your friends about it, the more the merrier. In order for businesses of color to succeed we need to be each other’s fans and supporters because a lot of what is out there, unfortunately, lacks non-white perspectives. Plus, we have really good music.

This is Lil Raq signing off ??

Hasta luego friends!