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b&b99 How running out of willpower and decision fatigue affect your finances

This show was inspired by our financial planner, Sophia Bera, who we met with recently. She stopped us in the middle of our word vomit and said, “I think you guys have decision fatigue.”

We were running on empty with all the work we were booking, planning a cross country trip to CA, and, oh yeah, we just got married in the midst of all of this.

You may or may not have read reports or articles about willpower being a finite resource. You may have heard President Obama talk about only wearing two different color suits or Mark Zuckerberg having a “uniform” to eliminate certain decisions that weren’t important to him so he could save brain space for other decisions.

In today’s show, we talk about what happens when you run out of willpower or run into your own decision fatigue and how this affects your financial decisions. We’ve all been there – you know that moment where you just say “screw it” and buy the thing that will make you feel better right now. Then we talk about what you can do to come back from it.