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B&B #9: Intro to Investing w/ Papillon

Shurnette Henry of Papillon Financial joins us in the studio to talk about how to start investing. But more importantly, before you even begin to think about putting a dollar in the stock market, Papillon has a unique approach that helps you discover what your tendencies are so the investments you make truly match your personality. Shurnette goes over Personality Dimensions, which uses temperament theory to determine how you view and deal with money. Don’t start investing without listening to this show!

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Episode Highlights:

Shurnette Henry: Who you are has a very direct connection with what you do and how successful you end up being at it.

Shurnette Henry: [Personality Dimensions allow] someone [to] really help you understand who you are and identify exactly what it is you want out of your investment strategy, and what you want it for.

Shurnette Henry: Me as an adviser, and my business partner, really help our clients create a financial strategy that hits exactly who they really are at that time in their lives, and who they wanna be going down the road.

Shurnette Henry: If you owe a lot of debt and you really don’t have any extra money on the side to start investing, I wouldn’t start.

Shurnette Henry: Don’t invest what you don’t have and what you’re not prepared to lose.