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b&b84 Goals, Guts, and Glory: A One-Hour Financial Plan by Brunch & Budget

It’s a new year and often the time when you feel like you can start with a clean slate. This is the year you’ll really get your finances in order! Let’s make sure that happens in 2016. This week, we’ll spend the hour talking through all the critical elements you need to have a fully functioning financial plan.

There’s going to be a ton of information so get out your notebooks or iPads or whatever fancy writing device you got for the holidays and let’s dig into your finances for 2016!

This is a special month that kicks off the 5 week financial plan!
ONE-HOUR FINANCIAL PLAN: Short on time? Get it done fast!
5-WEEK FINANCIAL PLAN: Every week in January on Bondfire Radio! We’ll be going in depth on each part of the plan with more strategies and action steps!
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