Dr. Postalot headshot

b&b77 Social media specialist, Dr. Postalot, on how to make your social media stand out

I think this is the first time I’ve ever had a guest’s main link be their twitter account! But frankly, this is the best place to find our guest this week! We got the chance to sit down, in person, with the one and only Dr. Postalot, a big Bondfire Radio supporter (and our social media manager!), while we are out here in the Bay Area.

He has been in the social media scene since MySpace bulletin boards (remember those??) and ever since, has made it his mission to connect everyone to everyone.

ALSO, in the second half of the show, he does a live, uncut critique of Dyalekt’s social media presence!

Episode Highlights:

Dr. Postalot: The important thing that I feel with social media is what people tend to forget, and I also listen to a lot of interviews with other social media managers or whatnot, and they all talk about engaging. Everyone does social media, but everyone forgets to be social networking.

Dr. Postalot: Your social media person needs to be representing you as if you are major. A social media person is almost your PR.

Dr. Postalot: Instagram, the fact that it’s as it says instant, you wanna post really a lot on instagram, because there’s many–a picture tells a thousand words, right? And hashtags bring in a lot of likes.

Dr. Postalot: Personal page is great, fan page is even better…because you can have as much activity, like likes or whatever going on on there, and also a lot of fan pages are also /business pages, community pages. So, to separate the two, to separate your personal and you fan page, it’s a good way to monetize. To separate who your friends/supports are, versus the people that are actually putting money in your pocket. 

Dr. Postalot: What I tell people that don’t have time to be on twitter: that’s cool, you know. A rule of thumb for me is, if you have ten tweets on there that could stay relevant for at least a week, you’re good.