Ana the Amasser

b&b49 Your Money Personality on a Budget

I just wrote about this a few weeks ago (, but it’s such an important thing to get that we are going to do a whole radio show about it!

Budgeting is not one size fits all, but most people treat it that way, so they end up trying, and then quickly abandoning their budgeting efforts.

Listen to this show to do some deep digging into what your money personality is and how you should think about your budget based on what your money psychology says about you. Budgeting should be a tool to help you reach your goals, so let’s figure out how to make it work for you!

Episode Highlights:

Dyalekt: These money personalities aren’t dire. They’re not a thing that overtakes your entire life. These are our tendencies, in choices that we make.

Pam: Yeah, and I also want you guys to keep in mind that no money personality is good or bad. They all their pros and cons for being them, and at the end of the day we’re also human, so we’re not just one or the other. Some of you will feel very strongly towards one or another, and some of you will be like “Well, sometimes I’m this and sometimes I’m that. In this situation I’m this, and in this situation I’m that.” I know some people who are Avoiders when they don’t have much money, and then they’re on top of their money and they’re Savers when they do have a lot of money.

Pam: The thing is, it’s really important for you to be aware of where your money is going today.

Dyalekt: Don’t change yourself, change your habits.

Pam: Make sure you know what your money personality is going into this…come up with what your actual goals are, think about what things you wanna have in your life on a regular basis or on a daily basis, and then figure out how much money you’re spending now…and then figure out if you have anything left over for the month.

Pam: It’s one of those things where, whatever your money personality is, if you face it head on and you look at what you’re spending and what you’re saving, that awareness alone will make you better at it….when you know where you money is going, you start thinking about it differently.

Pam: Control. That is the #1 thing that people tell me that keeps them up at night about about their money, is that they do not feel that they are in control. By having a budget, you put yourself in control instead of just letting the money dictate what you can and cannot do.