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b&b48 Let’s Talk Investing with Papillon

We are so excited to have Papillon Financial back on the show this week!

Shurnette Henry and Dana Wilson, cofounders of the firm, are on the show to answer those investment questions you always wondered about but didn’t know who to ask (Google doesn’t count!). have an exciting new financial empowerment program they’re offering this summer called, The Climb, which focuses on aligning your personal tendencies, values, and goals with your financial and investing plan.

Full disclosure: I’ll be the budgeting planner for all the Climbers so I’m excited to see you at the top 🙂

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Episode Highlights:

Shurnette Henry: Our mission is to provide real, honest, smart financial wealth building services to people, end of story, and to really help people change their life situation to make it look exactly like they want it to look. What works for them…what really makes us different is that  we are really all about educating our clients.

Dana Wilson: It’s all about the relationship you have with the adviser and I feel like it’s important to work with someone who you trust, work with someone who mimics your style and your personality to a certain extent, and, you know, finance doesn’t have to be so serious. I think people need to take the edge off a bit. It doesn’t have to be suit and tie all the time…it’s being in a room and having a conversation.

Dana Wilson: It really just depends on the person. I don’t think there’s a set “Well, hey, let’s pick this fund.” It’s really just sitting down with a client, or really just understanding what their goal is, or strategy for investing. I think that’s the place where you need to start: not so much looking at the overall stock or company you wanna invest in, but why are you investing in the first place? What are you trying to accomplish, and then from there going back.

Shurnette Henry: You wanna sit down with a professional, again who you trust, who is going to go through a good conversation with you about who you are, what your life is like now, what you want, what you have, and how we’re gonna get you to your end goal.

Shurnette Henry: You have professionals who are very good money coaches, or very good at teaching about money, and people then gravitate to them thinking well they are advisers, and they’re not.

Shurnette Henry: You put your money in, year one, in a bank account. Year two and three, you might have five dollars more. But you put your money in the right investments, year one, by year two and three you can potentially have $500 or $5,000 more. So who’s gonna say no to more money?

Shurnette Henry: Stocks are one asset class that has continued to grow more steadily, even with our market downturns and upturns, than any other asset class over the long term.

Shurnette Henry: Historical statistics will show you that for every downturn, we’ve had an upturn in the market that was two or even three times greater than the last downturn.

Shurnette Henry: There’s always going to be risk, even when you do your due diligence, even when you do your research…there’s no guarantee. You’re always taking a chance. You’re just trying to manage that risk.