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b&b47 Abi Vega Build Strategic Alliances

Do you want to learn how to really connect with the people you meet and go beyond just taking their business card?

We are excited to have on the show Abi Vega of Fedcap, who is an expert on connecting people. With his background in finance and sales, he walks us through his best tips and examples for how to get the most out of networking events, connect organizations, and create symbiotic relationships between companies who complement each other.

If you feel like you have stacks of “contacts” and “prospects” you have to “reach out to” eventually, this show will help you figure out how to sift through the noise and make real connections.

Episode Highlights:

Abi Vega: I ended up completing my Series 7, 66 the life insurance license and I began building a practice from the ground up. 500 cold calls a week…That’s boot camp.

Abi Vega: Moving people towards economic independence. That’s a theme I wanna have. It’s not just about getting people work or providing the resources to companies. It’s about moving people to independence and being of support to companies here in the city as they continue their growth.

Abi Vega: The most tangible skill that I acquired from my time as an adviser, and that actually continued to develop here in my current role, is the ability to develop trust amongst prospects. And there’s no secret way to do that. Either you’re honest with your client or prospect or you’re not.

Abi Vega: Here’s a news flash: you might not close the deal the first time you meet somebody. And again my intent is almost never initially to close a deal with people. What I always try to do is present value, and when I say present value I mean here’s what I bring to the table and eventually in doing so enough times you’ll present the value at the right time.

Abi Vega: It’s always hard work.

Abi Vega: If you’re approaching a networking event and you say “Hey, what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna go here and sell people on my product,” you’re missing the point because most of the time they’re kind of on the same page. They wanna come in and sell you their product, so you’re butting heads there. So it’s more of a thing where I’m going, I wanna meet someone. I wanna talk to someone, see who they are, see what kinda person they are, see if they’re receptive to my conversation.

Abi Vega: If I leave a networking event with one or two solid people to follow up with than that was a productive night.

Abi Vega: Each individual one of us should be approaching our professional endeavors as if we are the CEO of our own company. And my company has this and that to offer, but the biggest thing my company has to do is dig up those people who affiliate with my company.

Abi Vega: All your networking doesn’t have to happen at a networking event.

Abi Vega: My whole thing is the way I am going to network with this person is I’m going to bring a fantastic idea to their attention. Maybe they’re already working on it, maybe they’re not.