"Brass Taxes"

b&b35 Rus Garofalo of Brass Taxes

Do you want to talk to an accountant who also makes you feel like a person? Take a listen to our interview with Rus Garofalo, founder of Brass Taxes, a tax preparer who treats his people like, well, people.

He drops a ton of knowledge throughout the show on what you can claim, tips on how to file yourself (and when to file yourself), but more importantly, he gives you an idea of what you can and should expect when you work with someone to file your taxes. Now that’s some serious peace of mind.

**BONUS: Rus just raised his prices for the first time in 6 years by $25, BUT, if you agree to call a local official about an issue you care about while you’re at his office, he’ll give you a $25 discount! ‪#‎whatthewhat‬ Accounting + Activism = Awesome.

info@brasstaxes.com | brasstaxes.com | call him though, forreal