Pam & Heather Klein selfie

b&b 24 Heather Klein: Protect Your Stuff

If the idea of talking to an insurance agent about anything scares you (even though you know you really need to protect your stuff!), meet Heather Klein of Eastern Insurors. She joins us on today’s show and drops some serious knowledge about property and casualty insurance, specifically renter’s and auto insurance.

Do you know the difference between actual cash value and replacement cost?

Did you know that you can protect against identity theft on a renter’s policy?

Did you know that it might actually cost you MORE money to have the lowest auto insurance limits?

Heather also reminds us that insurance is about protection and compassion. She is on your side. This show is a must listen for anyone who wants to make sure their property is protected during the worst of times.

Contact Heather Klein if you need a policy or need help looking at yours to make sure you have the best possible coverage:
Heather Klein | Personal Insurance Sales
Eastern Insurors LLC
201-445-0100 x7052