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b&b21 Is Multi-Level Marketing for You?

You may have heard people call them pyramid schemes or scams. Or you may have been pitched by someone who swears you can work from home and just watch the money roll in.

People either love em or they hate em, so we wanted to find some middle ground. Enter Shirone Robinson, who has been a part of numerous MLM’s and has found success with this model. He joins us in the studio to talk about the good, the bad, and ugly when it comes to recruiting, selling the product or service, running the business side of things, and how he’s made MLM’s work for him. We go with him behind the sales pitch and talk about how much work it really takes to run an MLM.

If you’ve ever considering joining an MLM or you’re wondering if you should stay in the one you’re in, this is the show for you.

WHAT IS AN MLM? In case you’ve never heard the term: Multi-level marketing (or network marketing) is a huge industry – Herbalife, Amway, Mary Kay, Tupperware, Avon, and a multitude of others all operate under this direct sales model. The salespeople are individuals who have bought into a turnkey business of selling a product or service and make income from both selling the product or service and recruiting others under them (called a downline) to run their own businesses selling the product or service.