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b&b205: How brands use boycotts to make you buy in

It’s that time of year again! Our 5th annual boycott/black Friday Brunch & Budget episode (we’ve been doing this a long time y’all)! During the most hyped consumer day/weekend of the year, we want to continue to hold you down on how to keep spending your money in a way that aligns with your values.

This year’s episode was inspired by a quote we came across on Rachel Elizabeth Cargle‘s instagram – “Stop letting companies profit off of your insecurities.” Boycotts and polarizing branding have become a more often used tactic corporations use to get our dollars and make us feel “good” about ourselves and quiet any insecurities that we’re not doing enough.

When brands start to align themselves with social/racial/economic justice issues (like Nike & Kaepernick), it can be easy to get swept up and confuse consumerism with call to action.

Whatever you’re doing on this Thanksgiving weekend, take some time to listen as you enter the holiday season so you can start centering your spending on your values.


Music featured in this episode:
Kaepernick by Too Phily, Rush Shanks, R-Swift
Insecurity T by Jayoung
Slash by Lex Rush