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b&b165 Prosperity Now—How Sant La Strengthens and Stabilizes South Florida’s Haitian Community

Prosperity Now, once known as CFED, and, if you’ve been following our show for some time, you’ll remember members such as Dedrick Asante Muhammad and Maria Coto in past episodes. Through Prosperity Now we have been able to engage with organizations established and led by People of Color, which is something we really value here at Brunch and Budget.

This time, we drove down to South Florida in order to talk to more Prosperity Now fellows. Gepsie M. Metellus is the Executive Director of Sant La, a non profit organization focused on empowering, strengthening, and stabilizing South Florida’s Haitian community. They provide a list of services, some of which include: providing financial literacy services, including tax preparation services for low and moderate individuals and families.
For more info check out their site here:

Music featured in this episode:

  1. Haiti – Steves J Bryan
  2. Dirty Haitian – K1ng Zoe
  3. Word Around Town – Dj Mr Phantastik ft Mr Klutch Enotez


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