b&b164 Heather Jarvis JD in Sallie Mae strikes back!

Heather Jarvis strikes back!
(check the other episode where she focuses on private loans here)

Heather Jarvis is back to discuss a topic that never goes out of style: student loans. Most people have them. It seems that college tuition is only rising, which leads us to wonder where all that money goes? Who do “merit-based scholarships” really benefit? What is currently on the chopping block with Congress? And, obviously, what can we do?

Heather talks us through it all and more. But if there is something that still doesn’t sound clear to you or you have more questions check Heather’s site: http://askheatherjarvis.com/

Music featured in this episode:
Repay You by Trey P ft Roy Nova & Nnamdi
Köyhän Onni – Repa ft Apocalypse
Underpayment by Hoodz

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