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b&b163 How to protect your assets as an immigrant with Mohan Kanungo of MAF

In order to make money, one has to spend money. You’ve heard of that saying before. The whole “work hard, play hard” concept. But what happens if your entire family is working hard and don’t see any financial progress? Why is it not working? This is common and an, often, ignored cycle happening in the US, where the rich stay rich and the working class barely scrape by.

If you find yourself (or someone you know) in this situation, or have come to learn what you can do, listen to our interview with Mohan Kanungo because this episode is for everyone.

MAF [Mission Asset Fund] believes in creating pathways out of the financial shadows. They help house cleaners and restaurant owners across the U.S. save money with better credit and less debt. They do it because 50 million Americans are living in the shadows where predatory lenders lurk. From their signature social loans to their groundbreaking research, they are constantly innovating and advocating for effective, culturally relevant ways to improve economic mobility.
MAF is transforming the financial services sector so that all hardworking families have a shot at achieving their dreams. Check their site:

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