avocado on toast

b&b156 Avocado Toast and 20 other things you don’t have to give up

We’ve heard it all before: Millennials and their —insert trendy item here—

Whether it’s persistent judgment from older generations or a few hypocritical criticisms from other millennials (I’m calling you out Tomi Lahren), there is always something to be said of this generation. We decided to focus this episode on millennials and their financial decisions because according to Australian millionaire, Tim Gurner, the reason millennials can’t afford to buy homes is due to convenient expenses such as “avocado toast.”
Okay, Tim Gurner. We here at Brunch & Budget challenge your statement.
Music Featured in this episode:
Trust by Mitchy B feat. JayTek
Blue Collar Millennials by Mostly Noncents
Millennials by Ver.Two

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