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Joseph Lopez, Development Manager and Gabriela Roman, Executive Director join us today to talk about the organization: Spanish Coalition for Housing (SCH).

Through our partnership with CFED and the Dedrick Asante-Muhammad, director of the Racial Wealth Divide Initiative, we interview organizations who are actively working to close the racial wealth divide in innovative, exciting, and effective ways.

SCH aims to provide comprehensive counseling, education and housing resources necessary for Latinos and other low-to-moderate income families in the Chicagoland area, develop competence and responsibility in meeting their financial and housing needs, and advocate for and proactively promote additional resources for them.

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Episode Highlights:

Gabriela Roman: I would say, since 2008 when the foreclosure crisis started and the economy went down, that’s when we started seeing more and more families that were having problems paying their mortgage and keeping their homes, and before that we saw maybe 10 families a year, and then we went to a high point of seeing 3,000 families a year. ….Last year we did 1,200

Gabriela Roman: If a family is struggling to make a payment, that’s the red flag. When you cant’ make your mortgage payment. As soon as that happens. Please don’t wait until you’re 6 months behind, a year behind. As soon as you are having trouble with that first payment, please reach out for help.

Joseph Lopez: As we support the folks who are thinking about, dreaming about, homeownership, raising those opportunities out in the community, we also continue to support the folks who are homeowners to maintain that affordability, to access resources for affordable housing improvements, to understand the importance of budgeting and financial management. So, looking at it, it doesn’t stop at the time that you close on your home purchase. We go far beyond that point and ensure that folks are connected. This is an ongoing education process.