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b&b 141 How the recent executive orders will affect your wallet

With everything that’s been happening lately, it’s hard to keep track of— and fully understand— every executive order shooting out of the White House. Trump is clearly starting to work on dismantling a lot of consumer protections that the Obama administration put in place.

What can you do? Well, there’s a lot! We’ll discuss what to watch out for when seeking a financial advisor, break down the Dodd Frank Act, and define other aspects of the executive orders that will affect your wallet.

Want more information?
Here are some additional resources and articles:
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– Presidential memoranda vs executive orders
– Dodd Frank Act
-More on the Dodd Frank Act

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-“Executive Orders” by Sun Tzu Cadre ft Dr. Bahu, Nya LoveChild & Sharita Stovall
-“Executive Order” by Global Platoon
-“Order 66” by Sir Darkseid