b&b136 Create goals and habits that last beyond the new year

New beginnings always signal a reset in our brains – a new job, new city, new relationship, a birthday, and often, the new year.

It’s a time where we reflect on what we wish we did better last year and create resolutions to tell ourselves that this year will be different.

But then we start to read goal setting articles that literally contradict each other.

Do we start small, do something in moderation, or go big?

Do we start waking up two hours earlier every morning or listen to our internal clocks?

Do we tell our friends about our goal to hold us accountable or keep it to ourselves?

Gretchen Rubin of The Happiness Project has created personalities (we call them “Habit Personalities” on the show) that can help you filter through all the noise and decide what will actually work for you.

Much like our Money Personalities, these Habit Personalities will guide you through how to create habits and goals that work for you so they last long after new years resolutions are usually forgotten.