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b&b124 How to close the racial wealth gap – Special Report from CFED’s Assets Learning Conference

Dyalekt and I had the honor of attending CFED’s Assets Learning Conference this year, where a group of policy makers, researchers, and non profit direct service providers come together and share their best ideas and best practices on how to lift people out of poverty.

This year, the theme of the conference was how to close the racial wealth gap. If you don’t know CFED, you have probably come across their research at some point. They were the folks who put out the study that it would take 228 years for the average Black family to amass the same amount of wealth as the average White family today: Yeah, these guys.

This is the first in series of episodes we’ll be doing on the big issues and big movements the conference focuses on. This episode goes over the major problems that need to be solved in the racial wealth gap and next week, we’ll talk about some of the solutions and research on how to close the gap.