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b&b119 How b-corps are changing the way business is done

The rise of b-corps and benefit corporations can’t be ignored. In the last 18 months, b-corp registration has gone from 1,000 businesses to 1,800 businesses worldwide.

What exactly is a b-corp? For all us socially conscious folks out there, the b-corp is the antidote to the race-to-the-bottom, anything-for-profit corporations who cut corners on products, employees, and the environment.

Part of a b-corp’s mission is that they are required to put sustainability (of the manufacturing, workforce, environment) at the same level of importance as profit. Crazy right??

Some big name b-corps include Etsy, Ben & Jerry’s, Patagonia, Cabot Cheese. Find out how b-corps are growing in popularity and what this means for you as a consumer, investor, and entrepreneur.