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b&b114 Would legalizing crime for one day lead to a better economy?

If you legalized all crime for one day, or really one night, would it lead to a better economy?

This is the premise of The Purge trilogy of movies, the most recent of which came out this July 2016. The movie’s antagonists claim that the economy is booming and unemployment is at 1%.

On today’s show, we explore the real world implications of The Purge. Sold to the country as national catharsis, but really a new form for population control, The Purge puts a mirror in front of our society.

While the concept is extreme, we see pockets of this in our current economy, from the war on drugs to targeting specific demographics to actually go to war.

As the wealth gap continues to grow and poor people are pushed to the margins, how does it affect your personal wallet? What can we learn from The Purge?