Your Money Personality

Here’s the thing.

You can read every personal finance book and learn every budgeting trick and cut up your credit cards and decide you’re really going to commit this time, but if you’ve never examined why you treat money the way you treat it, you’ll always end up back where you started.


First, take this quick money personality quiz:

Watch this video to learn more about your money personality!


Here are all 4 money personalities (in case you're curious):

AA - The Complicator: More Money, More Problems!

You’re always concerned about your money, no matter how much you have. You spend your time wondering if you have enough and think about how much you should have by now. You never feel settled in your finances and you keep very close tabs on your inflows and outflows. Every bill is checked meticulously and every letter and email is filed carefully so you don’t miss a thing. (Hopefully.)

BA - The Paper Chaser: More Money, NO Problems!


You're so focused on the income you're making (or could be making) that you don't think about what you're spending. You figure that if you spend your time making more money, it will solve all your money problems. When you want something, your first thought is where can you make some extra money to get it? You often find yourself chasing a series of short term goals vs. planning for the long term. Your long term plan is to keep making more money.

AB - The Contemplator: I'll take care of it tomorrow...


There is a stack of unopened envelopes somewhere in your house with your name on it. Thinking about money is so stressful, you’d rather not deal with it right now. Or even tomorrow or the next day. You keep your bank account balance in your head (but never look at the actual statements), you hope to remember to pay the minimums on your credit cards, and you keep meaning to open your mail, but somehow it always piles up.

BB - The Money Monk: Money changes people, man...

miguel_the_monkMoney has always been a dirty word for you. You don’t know why (or maybe you do), but you have an aversion to having it and judge people’s character based on how they feel about it, and often, how much of it they have. You probably don’t own a lot of things and make just enough to get by, sometimes relying on others’ kindness and flexibility to help you get by. When you do have a windfall, you always have an itch to get rid of it as quickly as possible.