b&b Financial Advocate Call

Book Your b&b Financial Advocate Call Below:

Sometimes, you need to have a Financial Advocate on your side before you can confidently take the next step in your financial plan. That’s what we’re here for.

Whether we’ve met for Brunch before and you want to follow up on some things we discussed or you have a time-sensitive issue that you need to talk through ASAP, we can schedule a Financial Advocate call and get you going. We’re here to help on items like:

  • getting your expense tracking started and reviewing your budget
  • rolling over a 401k into an IRA (and deciding where to open one!)
  • reviewing your investment accounts to make sure you’re properly invested for your goals
  • talking through your tax situation and how the new tax laws may affect you individually
  • reviewing your employee benefits to make sure you’re taking full advantage
  • putting together cash flow projections for your freelance income
  • talking through how plan for quitting your job, transitioning into a new one, or freelancing full time
  • calling a financial institution together
  • reviewing your credit score together and discussing how to improve it
  • buying your first home

We will meet via video chat and we can talk about anything you want during our call. If you need help calling a financial company or opening an account together, we can do that too! Just mention what you’d like to do this together in the comments.

The rates are sliding scale based on income: