NUDGE: 3-Month Financial Planning Intensive

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What's NUDGE?

Our 3-month intensive is where we get in, get it done, and get you going.


You walk away with a complete financial plan and total clarity on how to move forward on your finances.

💃🏽 Make real financial change and still live your life. 💃🏽

Nudge is perfect for you if:

You need someone to guide you through where to start and get trusted advice on what to do next

You’re ready to do some candid self reflection on where you are with your finances, where you want to be, and what it will take to get there

You don’t know exactly what questions to ask, so you want someone to help you look at everything and ask you the questions

You know if you get pointed in the right direction, you can take care of the rest

You’re ready to start prioritizing your goals, taking an honest look at your expenses, and make real change

Here's what's included:

Four Strategy Calls

We will have 4 strategy calls to get your entire plan put together, including an Onboarding Call, Core Values Call, Cash Flow Call, and Observations call.  These calls will happen about 2 weeks apart within 2 months.

Your Action Steps List

After putting your whole plan together, it can feel like everything is priority. We'll give you total clarity on how to make sure everything gets done after we've finished our time together through a comprehensive action steps list.

Your Personal Financial Portal

Finally, everything in one place. Your financial portal will have all of your accounts linked, all your expenses, balance sheet, debt paydown plan, bills calendar, and best of all, the ability for us to see everything you see. You'll have lifetime access to this portal.

One Financial Advocate Call

It might be calling a collections agency, student loan servicer, your accountant, or some other financial entity and you have no idea what you need to say or ask. We'll jump on the phone with you for when you're really stuck and have your back.

30 Days Unlimited Email Support

Don't ask google for financial advice, email us whenever you need help on something for the next 30 days. Whether it's an offer for a credit card, a weird email from work, or if you're wondering how to afford a big purchase, we'll help you figure it out.


$2,800 for individuals

$3,800 for couples and business owners


NUDGE includes 4 strategy calls which will be held over 2 months (about 2 weeks apart) with some homework in between:

1 | Onboarding Call

The first video call will guide you through how to use the technology to organize your finances and categorize your expenses. You'll learn how to review your expenses closely and begin to understand how your personal cash flow works.

2 | Discovery Call

We'll help you hone in on a personal Core Values statement that we'll use as our guiding light for our strategy. We'll learn more about your goals and priorities and you'll begin to get clarity on your income and spending.

3 | Cash Flow Call

We will build out a monthly budget and 12-month cash flow for your income and expenses (both business and personal if you have any freelance income!). We'll also have recommendations for spending, saving, credit, and debt pay down.

4 | Recommendations Call

On our last strategy call, we will review all your financial documents and put together our observations and recommendations on your investments, insurance, taxes, estate planning and will map out how the rest of our year is going to look. You'll have clear next steps and know what needs to get done.


We'll get to everything, promise 🙂



NUDGE includes unlimited email support for the entire 3 months of your plan

Often, the hardest part about having a plan is making sure it all gets done. It's exciting and overwhelming all at once. While you know you're great at following through on tasks, sometimes you get stuck and despite your best intentions, it ends up never getting done.

We want to help you get unstuck while you have the momentum, so we want you to email us any and all of your questions for the next 3 months. Don't be shy, we're here to help.


NUDGE includes one financial advocate call within 3 months for when you're reeeallly stuck

Sometimes, the hardest part about getting your financial stuff done is knowing what to say to that financial institution on the phone or how to answer that weird question on an application. Now you have us on your side.

A huge part of the work we do and how we can serve you is to be your financial advocate. We'll get on the phone or do a video call as needed for things like:

  • Talking to your student loan carrier or collections agency and asking all the right questions
  • Finally opening that IRA
  • FINALLY rolling over your old 401k(s)
  • Making sure your 401k contributions and beneficiaries are set up properly
  • Talking to your HR about your employer benefits
  • Applying for a new credit card
  • Navigating medical bills, FSA websites, etc.
  • Helping you through the mortgage/home buying process
  • Talking to your accountant about your tax planning needs (business structures, tax returns, SEP IRA contributions, weird IRS letters)

NUDGE is NOT for you if:

You’re looking for financial planning advice by the hour
You’re looking for the next money “hack,” shortcut, hot investment tip, or tax loophole
You want us to do all the work for you
You’re not ready to unpack your financial baggage or talk about your relationship with money
You don’t trust technology and don’t want to put all your information (or feelings!) in a website (even if it’s bank level encrypted)
You never check your email (seriously, a lot of the work happens through email!)
You want to meet in person regularly (everything is done virtually)

Nudge is not for everyone. Please be honest with yourself and DO NOT sign up for this program if any of the above applies to you. We know this is a big commitment and want to make sure this program is absolutely right for you!


$2,800 for individuals

$3,800 for couples and business owners


Did you get through NUDGE and realize you actually loved the accountability and support?

Did you uncover some new financial revelations that you want to continue to explore?

Do you want more coaching to really establish habits and behavior changes?

You can join BUDGE anytime after you've completed your Nudge program and you'll get the first two months free!