Nicole Carson, CFP ® | Lead Financial Planner

Hi, I’m Nicole! I am a native and current resident of the Philadelphia area. I love all things Philly: the history, the arts, and the food, but I could skip the snow. I also enjoy traveling and appreciate how centrally located Philly is to all of my favorite hobbies; like visiting the beach, touring wineries, and attending the theater.

I grew up in a faith-based household that valued education. When deciding where to go to college it wasn’t a surprise that I chose to attend local faith-based schools for both undergraduate and postgraduate education. What was a surprise was that I didn’t experience my first finance class until college. Financial education is not widely taught in public schools, and depending on the major you select, it isn’t taught until college. But why is that? Financial Education is critical for our everyday lives. Each of us needs this education to understand how the credit system works, manage a budget, and how to leverage investments to build wealth, among so many other things.

Our family lived paycheck to paycheck. There always seemed to be more going out than coming in. I did all of the things society tells you to do- get a degree and get a good corporate job. It was never a matter of not working hard or not pulling myself up by my bootstraps, but rather graduating with a large student loan debt and earning less than the colleagues I worked beside. I often questioned what I was doing wrong and why I could never seem to get ahead. However, I wasn’t doing anything wrong and didn’t realize that this was the reality for so many of us. I realized that I was living in a system that wasn't designed to promote the financial education that is needed to be “successful” in this country. It wasn’t a system that was designed for me to know how to use and leverage credit wisely. It wasn’t a system that was designed for my family and families like mine, to have the income and wealth necessary to own a home or financially thrive.

Once I learned and understood how to utilize the financial tools the system is leveraging, I began to achieve the financial goals that I had set for myself and my family. Now, I am on a mission to help as many families like mine achieve their goals as well. I’ve spent my career in financial services because I am truly passionate about educating our communities not just on building wealth, but creating generational wealth. It’s no secret that wealth is unequally distributed in the United States with Black households having just a fraction of what White households have. This divide affects all of us and will likely take generations to undo, but it is an undertaking that we all must help to achieve.

It is my goal to help as many families as I can to close this wealth gap. And when I read Brunch and Budget’s ethos that “personal finance is a revolutionary act,” I knew that this was a company that could help me fulfill my goal.