My Money Detox (so far)

My Money Detox (so far)


I’m 22 days into my Whole30 challenge and have been having a blast tallying up the cost of my meals. This has definitely felt like more of a detox than a diet and not something I plan to sustain forever (in fact, the whole30 guys don’t think you should do it forever either). Without supplements or extreme dieting, is made me 100% more aware of which eating habits were helping or making it worse and what my emotional triggers for food are.

The ways people relate to money and food are so similar – depriving and indulging, feelings of guilt and shame, filling a metaphorical hole or reacting to an emotion. So, halfway through Saving is Power, I challenged the group to a Money Detox – we’re sticking to 7 rules based on common spending blackholes I’ve seen with clients:


Of course, as I was sending out the challenge, I decided I had to do it too. It was only fair. I’m on Day 3 of my Money Detox and it turns out that being a financial planner doesn’t make it any easier. I’m heading to a business meeting today and we are meeting at a restaurant. I’m dreading having to say, “No, nothing for me.” Even writing it is making me squirm a little. How awkward, right? But also, do I really need to be sipping on a $5 tea or eating a $15 meal to have a good meeting? (I guess we’ll find out!). I know I’ve done my fair share of ordering without thinking twice about the bill.

And that’s really what this detox is about – making you stop and think about what you mindlessly do or don’t do, living through the uncomfortability of doing it differently, and coming out the other side with a better understanding of what you are willing to give up (and aren’t willing to give up!) for what you care about most. Now that’s empowering.

I encourage you to try a Money Detox in the next few months if you’re ready to break your bad money habits for good. For some help getting in the right mindset, and having the support of a community of Savers and, ahem, Detoxers, join the next Saving is Power Challenge on February 15th. Bring a friend with you – it’s always easier when there’s two of you ordering water at the bar instead of a drink!

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