My Money Detox: Grocery Shopping With a List (OR easier said than done)

My Money Detox: Grocery Shopping With a List (OR easier said than done)


This is my confession…. Today, for the first time, I went grocery shopping with a list and actually tried to stick to it. Talk about a big habit change! I have made lists in the past, but they’ve always been guidelines more than anything. When I see something and say “Ooh!” it usually goes in the basket, list be damned. Food is one of my biggest weaknesses and it’s always been easy for me to justify spending money on groceries. I knew this rule was going to be the hardest for me.

I made my list and night and went to the store this morning, bracing myself. It started off okay. I saw avocados were on sale and smiled because they were definitely on the list. Cucumbers, red pepper, awesome, awesome, check check. Then I saw this sweet looking eggplant, scanned the list knowing it wasn’t on it, and… I totally added it to the bottom of the list and checked it off after I put it in my basket! Eeek! I remember thinking, omg, I’m going to have to tell everyone I did this, aren’t I?

I had a mental tug of war basically the entire time I was in the store. After the eggplant episode, I felt too guilty to actually write anything else down post list-making. That is, until I got to the cured pork section. I had bacon on my list, but everything had sodium nitrite and sugar. Then I saw the prosciutto. Ingredients: Pork, salt. I literally stood there staring at the prosciutto and looking back at my list. Then I watched myself type “prosciutto” at the bottom of the list, put a little x next to it, and put it in my basket. Then I bolted for the checkout counter like I was going to shoplift it.

This prosciutto better blow my mind!

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