Financial Legacy Coaching

Financial Legacy Coaching

Build generational wealth through the good times and the hard times

When we are kept in the dark about our finances, we lose our autonomy and power. When we are taught that money is a taboo, we hide from ourselves and whisper about our mistakes instead of questioning why.

The financial services industry is a murky place, purposely designed to obfuscate and misdirect. The industry perpetuates an entire economic system that ignores or takes advantage of marginalized communities.

Let’s change all that.

Let’s take back our autonomy and power.

We know you thrive when you:

✨ Feel educated and empowered

Make decisions based on your values and goals, not “shoulds” and obligations

Have a financial advocate by your side (yes, we’ll help you fill out alllll the forms and make allllll the hard phone calls)

Are held accountable in a loving and accepting way

Have consistent, trustworthy support through any financial ups and downs

Feel JOY about your financial life

❌ You don’t need a financial planner

You need a Financial 

Planner 📝

Coach 💪🏽

Counselor 💕

Advocate ☀️

Cheerleader 🎉

Confidant 👥

Ally 🫱🏽‍🫲🏾

✅ You need a Financial Legacy Coach

✒️ We know you need more than a list of financial tasks and a meeting twice a year to reach your goals.

😳 We know you may be struggling with fear, embarrassment, shame, and overwhelm when it comes to your finances. 

💕 We know you care deeply about finding your life’s purpose, helping others, and lifting up your community. 

⌛️ We know you need to give yourself permission to reclaim your time, money, and energy (thank you maxine waters)

✨ And we know how hard it can be to forgive yourself.

➡️ Give us - and you - at least a year and we’ll help you build a new financial foundation and shift your paradigm around money.

🥓 Create Your Recipe for Wealth

✨ Core Values

Your core values are your internal guide for what matters to you so this is where we start

✨ 5 Stages to Financial Legacy

Our 5 stages (safety, stability, sustainability, independence, legacy) show you where you've been and where you're headed

✨ Commitment & Accountability Plan

We value commitment to the process of change and together we'll create an accountability plan that resonates with you and is realistic with your other commitments

✨ Personal Financial Portal

The hub for all your finances, this portal will be how we track where your money is going 


Don't worry, you don't have to do it all at once 🤓


☎️ Financial Legacy Strategy Calls

Within the first two months, you'll have 4 strategy calls to put together you Recipe for Wealth:


The Tech call will guide you through how to use the technology to organize your finances and categorize your expenses. You'll learn how to review your expenses closely and begin to understand how your personal cash flow works.


We'll help you hone in on a personal Core Values statement that we'll use as our guiding light for our strategy and recommendations. We'll learn more about your goals and priorities and delve deep into your relationship with money and the values you hold near and dear to you.


We'll start going through over 90 action steps to take you from financial safety to financial legacy and determine which stage you're in so you know what you've done so far, where you are now, and exactly where you're headed. This is where we'll start to shape your Recipe for Wealth.


Our cash flow call will give you a clear idea of where your money is going - what's coming in, what's going out and why. We'll come up with strategies for how to organize you bank accounts, automate your bills, and and create a system that works for your goals and lifestyle.

BUDGE icon - BUDGE Coach Program

🗓 Monthly Progress Calls 

Now that we've put your Recipe for Wealth together, it’s time to get to work and let the rubber meet the road, in a way that works for you. Many of our clients tell us these monthly calls give them time and space to make room for their finances.

We'll review your monthly financial tasks, your cash flow, and your habits so you'll know exactly what needs to get done each month. Didn't get to it last month? No worries, we can re-prioritize and might even be able to knock some tasks out together on the call!

Getting to financial clarity doesn't happen overnight, but we will be with you every step of the way to make sure you're making progress on your actions, habits, and goals.

📧 Email Anytime

Never ask google for financial advice again. Email us whenever you need help on something, whether it's an offer for a credit card, a weird email from work, or if you're wondering how to afford a big purchase. We'll help you figure it out.

📞 4 Financial Advocate Calls Per Year

Sometimes, the hardest part about getting your financial stuff done is knowing what to say to that financial institution on the phone or how to answer that weird question on an application. Now you have us on your side.

A huge part of the work we do and how we can serve you is to be your financial advocate. We ask you to loop us into emails with any other financial professionals you work with (accountants, attorneys, HR depts, mortgage lenders, etc.) and we'll get on the phone or do a video call as needed for things like:

  • Talking to your student loan carrier or collections agency and asking all the right questions
  • Finally opening that IRA
  • FINALLY rolling over your old 401k(s)
  • Making sure your 401k contributions and beneficiaries are set up properly
  • Talking to your HR about your employer benefits
  • Applying for a new credit card
  • Navigating medical bills, FSA websites, etc.
  • Helping you through the mortgage/home buying process
  • Talking to your accountant about your tax planning needs (business structures, tax returns, SEP IRA contributions, weird IRS letters)

No matter the task, we've got your back. (This is many of our clients' favorite aspect of the program!)

Here are some of the many financial ways we help clients:

($$$ based on how much in potential dollars gained or saved)


  • Negotiate raises, change jobs - $$$
  • Maximize employer and individual retirement contributions to save taxes now or later - $$$
  • Maximize employer benefits - choose the best medical plan, FSA/HSA contributions - $$
  • Reduce credit card debt or consolidate debt and reduce interest rates/monthly payments - $$
  • Know exactly where your money is going, align your spending with your values- $$
  • Find money to save and create a system for saving - $$
  • Get on the right student loan payment plan - $
  • Organize bank accounts - $
  • Get the right insurance and legal docs for your needs - $
  • Get shameless about your money - priceless

Freelancers/Small Biz Owners

  • Create 12-month cash flow projections and increase rates/streams of income - $$$
  • Create system for tracking biz expenses to maximize tax deductions - $$$
  • Determine best retirement plan for self-employed/tax savings - $$$
  • Get the right business entity set up - $$
  • Reduce credit card debt or consolidate debt and reduce interest rates/monthly payments - $$
  • Know exactly where your money is going, align your spending with your values - $$
  • Find money to save and create a system for saving - $$
  • Get the right insurance and legal docs for your personal and biz needs - $$
  • Organize bank accounts between biz and personal - $
  • Get on the right student loan payment plan - $
  • Get shameless about your money - priceless

 🫱🏽‍🫲🏾 Minimum 1 year commitment

We've worked with hundreds of clients and we know what it takes to see real financial change. Here’s what we’ve learned:

✨ Breakthroughs don’t happen in 30 days or even 3 months, they happen over a long period of time

You need to work on undoing and unlearning a lot of f*cked up money sh*t and how that has shown up in your finances

✨ You need consistent financial coaching in an inconsistent financial system, including dealing with setbacks

✨ It takes time to feel safe in a space, not feel ashamed to share (both wins and losses) and build relationship

Financial Legacy Coaching is NOT for you if:

You’re looking for a “quick start” plan or financial planning advice by the hour
 You don’t have the time to commit or room in your schedule to examine your finances more closely and build new habits and routines
You’re looking for the next money “hack,” shortcut, hot investment tip, or tax loophole
You want us to do all the work for you
You’re not ready to unpack your financial baggage or talk about your relationship with money
You don’t trust technology and don’t want to put all your information (or feelings!) in a website (even if it’s bank level encrypted)
You never check your email (seriously, a lot of the work happens through email!)
You want to meet in person regularly (everything is done virtually)
❌ You can't commit to the program for at least 12 months

Financial Legacy Coaching is not for everyone. Please be honest with yourself and DO NOT sign up for this program if any of the above applies to you. We know this is a big commitment and want to make sure this program is absolutely right for you!

OUR RATES are sliding scale based on income

Year 1


Under $200,000 of income - $500/month

$200,000-$300,000 - $700/month

$300,000-400,000 of income - $900/month

Over $400,000 of income - please reach out to


Under $250,000 of income - $700/month

$250,000-$400,000 - $900/month

$400,000-$500,000 of income - $1,100/month

Over $500,000 of income - please reach out to

Year 2 and beyond

Many of our clients continue with us past the first year (and often for several years), but may not need to meet as often, so we offer lower rates for meeting bi-monthly and quarterly after the first year

 Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it so expensive?

We understand this is a huge commitment, not just financially, but also a mental, emotional, and time commitment. We pore over our fees and rates on a regular basis and put a lot of thought into what we charge for the value we create. We've done research on other financial planning pricing models, listened to the needs of our clients, and created a program that is comparably priced and included key components around coaching, advocacy, and hand holding that our clients have found most valuable.

Most financial planners charge between $5,000-$20,000 per year (or will only work with clients if they have a minimum of $250k+ of investments) and don’t offer sliding scale pricing. Most financial planners tend to meet with clients quarterly or bi-annually - we meet with you once per month.  Most financial planners do not have a coaching or advocacy component to their plan. We know our clients need more support, hand holding, and advocating on their behalf so we include it in our program.

What is the difference between a financial planner and financial coach?

A financial planner is someone who helps you create and implement a long-term plan for your money. They often tend to work with people who have already accumulated wealth. A financial coach is someone who helps you build supportive financial habits, holds you accountable, and connect your goals to your values. We believe that our clients need a mix of financial planning and financial coaching to reach their long term goals while also truly getting shameless about their money.

What is a financial advocate?

To be really real, we made up the term. There was no official title in the industry that describes actually helping people implement their plans by navigating applications and paperwork, getting on the phone with financial institutions, and translating the confusing jargon and systems that make up the financial industry. We will literally get on the phone with a collections agency, billing office, student loan servicer, screen share with you while you navigate your company benefits or 401k website, help you get your first credit card or open a Roth IRA. What we want you to know is that we are always on your side of the table and will advocate for you as if you’re a friend or family member.

Should I join this program if I have debt?

We know it feels counterintuitive to pay for financial planning or coaching while you have debt. Shouldn’t all your extra money go towards paying down debt? Many of our clients join our programs with debt because they have spent years trying to pay it down and haven’t been able to get out of a seemingly endless debt cycle. If this is you, we’ve found that having a debt pay down plan that takes your entire financial picture into account and someone to hold you accountable to implementing the plan is the combination of support clients need to successfully pay down their debt.

Can you help with investments?

Yes, Brunch & Budget is a Registered Investment Advisor and we can advise you on your investments in 401k’s, IRA’s, brokerage accounts, and other investment vehicles and help you log in and change or update your investments as needed. We also manage a handful of clients’ investment portfolios who are particularly interested in going all in on socially responsible investing (SRI).

Can I pay for this program using continuing education dollars from my employer?

We have a number of clients who have used continuing education, professional development, or L&D/growth dollars from their employee benefits to pay for our program, so yes! This program will be approved by your employer.

Do you sell products or make commissions from anything you recommend?

We are a fee-only financial planning firm, so all our revenue is based off the monthly payment plans you see listed. We do not make revenue or commission from any product or service recommendations we share with you. We manage a small amount of investment accounts in SRI-only (socially responsible investing) - if you decide to open an investment account with us, we charge 0.5% management fee.

Can I talk to someone on your team before I decide?

Yes of course! We know this is a big decision and if you’re not totally sure yet, we invite you to reach out to to schedule a quick15 with one of our team members.

If this program isn’t right for me, where else can I go? 

Below is a list of other fee-only financial planning firms to check out in case they are a better fit program or budget-wise. We are very intentional about our programs and approach and understand we aren’t for everyone. We want to make sure you land in the right place:

  • Financial Staples
  • Money Positive
  • Dare to Dream Financial Planning
  • GenNext Wealth
  • Be Intentional Financial
  • Gen Y Planning
  • XY Planning Network is a network of hundreds of fee-only, mostly virtual, financial planners