How to Master “the Ask” and meet people you’ve only dreamt of meeting

How to Master “the Ask” and meet people you’ve only dreamt of meeting

meetingI am so lucky for all the amazing guests to come onto our radio show on Bondfire and this week was no exception.

I met Michael Roderick at a Brilliance Brunch at District Cowork and knew I had to hear more about his story when he told the group that he went from being a high school English teacher to Broadway producer in less than two years.

It sounded almost too good to be true.

Lucky for us, it wasn’t. Michael tells us step by step how he jumped careers so quickly and also gave us some serious advice on how to connect with the people you’re dreaming to meet and how do what most people dread doing – approaching people and making “the ask.” Just remember D.I.M.E.:

Direct – least effective way to ask, engages a fight or flight response in both recipients and only gives person your asking the opportunity to decide yes or no

Indirect – presenting a problem and inviting them an opportunity to help solve this problem, engages a different part of the brain that wants to help. Questions usually starts with “Do you have any ideas…?”

Mutually Beneficial – take the time to research what matters to the other person and show them how your ask benefits the both of you. Ask them to be a part of something, that the message is bigger than the both of you.

Extraordinary –  when you as the individual who’s making the ask take the moment to say what seems ridiculous and going for it anyway. “The second you’ve decided not to reach out to this person, you’ve cleared the way for everyone else who decided to reach out.”

Some of my other favorite quotes from the show:

“The biggest mistake artists make is assuming they have nothing to offer the person they are asking from.”

“You limit what you get in life when you limit other people’s creativity.”

“Most people have two things they’re obsessed with – being part of a group and self preservation.”

I don’t know about you, but I’m listening to this show again. Let me know what your biggest takeaways were!


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