How to be as intuitive an investor as you are a consumer

How to be as intuitive an investor as you are a consumer

goldbean imageSuch an inspiring show with founder and CEO of Goldbean, Jane Barratt. Even as a financial planner, investing is something I’ve usually let investment experts or robo advisors (my money’s with Wealthfront) do the heavy lifting on. It’s an incredibly complex world and for the most part, it made more sense to hire the expertise out to people who were watching the markets 24/7.

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But what about if, for at least a portion of your investments, you used your spending habits to decide which companies to invest in and support? That’s the premise of Goldbean! They have you link your credit cards and bank statements and based on where your money goes, they give you recommendations on whether or not it’s time to invest in your favorite companies.

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One of my favorite quotes in the show is, “We are all trendspotters, why not get paid for it?”

What if, instead of feeling intimidated by investing, you felt empowered?

What if, instead of thinking of investments as this thing you let someone else handle, you were an active participant?

What if, instead of wondering how to start investing, it felt as easy as walking into a store and deciding what you like?

Of course, there’s always a risk that you can lose money or make a bad decision. But that’s a risk with everything you do when it comes to money. If you educate yourself and you’re willing to experiment a little, investing can become second nature.

I just signed up for my free trial of Goldbean and I can’t wait to start! Let me know if you sign up too!

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