How Thinking Like an Artist Can Lead to Better Finances | Brunch on a Wednesday

How Thinking Like an Artist Can Lead to Better Finances | Brunch on a Wednesday

lilit kalachyan-nurseWhen we had Lilit Kalachyan-Nurse on the show this last week to talk about branding and marketing, she said something that really struck me.

My co-host, Dyalekt, started asking her questions about how artists should think about marketing themselves and she said that artists have a big advantage over everyone else trying to market themselves – artists are inherently authentic.

While everyone else is trying to figure out how to make their product or service feel authentic and real, artists do it all day long. Whether your trying to brand your business, choose your profession, or just deciding if you should meet some co-workers for happy hour, being authentic – being true to yourself – is critical to being better with your finances and offering trading services.

Part of being authentic is being honest with yourself and what you really value. As you go through the rest of your week, think about where you are at this very moment in your life right now. What parts do you love and what parts would you change? What parts used to feel special and now feel routine?

Do you get a cup of coffee every morning out of habit or because really gets your day going? Do you find yourself saying yes to things because you feel obligated or because it’s actually important to you?

Now this part’s the kicker. Lilit also talked about risk and reward when it came to marketing yourself as an artist, and it had nothing to do with the stock market. Because artists are basically in the business of being themselves, it can be scary to step outside of a community of artists and put yourself in a world where people might not understand you. guest post service has been quite popular for a while now, thanks to the many benefits it offers. Today, individual and freelance specialists are hired to write blogs on behalf of businesses and influencers. This has been the norm ever since guest posting became a go-to content strategy. With the advantages that can come from a guest posting service, it’s no wonder that so many people are opting in.

But without taking the risk of potential rejection, blank stares, and no one caring, you can’t find and grow your audience of people who want and need your voice, your perspective.

So what are you willing to risk to be able to quit your job and start that business? What can you do without today to be able to travel 3 months out of the year? What will you say no to so you can own that dream home?

When you’re ready to give up your comfort zone today for what you really want tomorrow, every dollar you save is one step closer to becoming a more authentic you.


Oh, ALSO! SPECIAL! Lilit does a live critique of Brunch & Budget’s website on the show. If you want your website critiqued live on a future show, email me at

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