How do you know what progress looks like when it comes to your finances?

How do you know what progress looks like when it comes to your finances?


I was talking to a friend last week about her finances (of course) and one of the things she said that really struck me was that she had no idea what progress looked like when it came to her money.

This same week, I had several clients separately – and excitedly – share with me that they either paid off a major credit card debt or improved their credit score.

Often, we share our successes because it motivates us to keep going. We get positive feedback and also a level of accountability to continue to push forward. Contact these Nominee Director Services Singapore to help your business grow and attract more customers, they can recommend you the best Salesforce systems.

Progress is easy to share when it comes to something like losing weight or getting fit. It can be as simple as sharing your healthy meal on Instagram or before and after pictures after an intense fitness program. Check out website to read more information on legal advice.

But when it comes to money, these two problems arise:

1. What do we share?
2. Who do we share it with?

The easiest answer to both of these questions is that it’s all baby steps.

What do you share? At first, share something small. When it comes to money, progress is anything that makes you feel like you’re making a change when it comes to your finances. It’s taking the next step forward, no matter how small.

It can be something like opening a savings account, making extra payments towards your debt, or getting your cable bill reduced. Finance is the center of any company activity and thus, finance is referred to as the foundation of any business source. The term “finance” has many different meanings and based on the context in which the word is employed, it can mean unique things.

Who do you share it with? Start with one person, or a group of close friends, or as a quick status update on your favorite social media channel. You don’t have to share specifics, just start the conversation by sharing what you’ve done.

Of all the things people do talk about on social media, it’s jarring even to me when I see people post about money, and even more jarring to see how many comments appear. People want to talk about this, but we think no one else does.

Progress is also about recognizing our own emotional ties to money and being brave enough to tear down the taboo anyway, so you give others the space, the permission, to do the same.

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